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  1. Working Mum added a post in a topic Public or private?   

    If you have enough Super to cover it then you shouldn't have any problem. Just remember that withdrawing your super early counts as income so it might affect your tax at tax time or any centrelink payments you get. 
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  2. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic Abdominal pain   

    Could be gallstones, very common with rapid weight loss.
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  3. LARNIE16 added a post in a topic Nearly there...   

    Sounds tasty.
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  4. Laggy added a post in a topic Nearly there...   

    One thing I tried which was a welcome change from stir fried vegies, is Cauliflour Rice.
    I used a whole head of cauliflour grated up with a little oil and spread it out on a tray in the oven and baked it for about 15 minutes.
    I then made fried rice out of it.  Instead of using real rice.  It was extremely nice and a welcome change from soups and things. 
    Keep up the good work. you will be post operation sooner than you think
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  5. Laggy added a post in a topic Abdominal pain   

    NewleaseonlifeWA please call your doctor, best to be safe.
    MissAsh, I am sorry to hear you are in hospital, I am sure they will get you sorted out nice and quickly.  
    Take care
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  6. LARNIE16 added a post in a topic Nearly there...   

    I am looking forward to some variety even if it is only liquid...
    Your progress is awesome and very encouraging. You must feel like a completely new person. Best wishes.
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  7. LARNIE16 added a post in a topic Nearly there...   

    I think I have done all those recipes as well  and will continue them for another week or so I am sure. Thanks for your reply, your progress is very inspiring. 18kg in 4 weeks is phenomenal! It is very encouraging to hear that it is all worth it and that you are feeling the benefits so soon. I wish you all the best. 
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  8. BackOnTrack added a post in a topic Loose skin removal - surgeons, what you've had removed and cost?   

    Good luck in your search sorry I can't help but do you still see your surgeon he might have some recommendations or your dr. I hate my skin too I have a long way to go though but I'll do my arms and tummy too
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  9. MissAsh added a post in a topic Abdominal pain   

    Hi congrats on your weightloss 
    I would call your dr asap as I write this as I lay in hospital having some tests done 2 weeks post op sleeve .  I had chest pain earlier on today with dizziness and I didn't feel right . I didn't want to go to hospital but my gp insisted ! So here inam
    but better to be safe than sorry ! It might be nothing but better to be safe and get it sorted before it becomes worse !  Good luck 
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  10. NewleaseonlifeWA added a topic in Sleeve Central   

    Abdominal pain
    hi, I'm eight weeks post surgery, feeling great and down 18kgs!! However in the last few days I've started suffering from sharp abdominal pain that comes and goes. Will check with surgeon next week but just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced these symptoms post surgery? I'm also feeling pain n the chest between the breast bone at night when I sleep 
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  11. Laggy added a post in a topic Nearly there...   

    Hey Larnie16, 
    I stir fried the vegies, I made vegie soup, I cut up asparagus and stir fried them on their own with a little soy sauce.  I made curried vegies. I even made vegetable soup half puree'd and half left chunky which was very nice.  It is hard and by the end of 2 weeks I was so glad to not have to do it anymore.  
    I had my surgery 4 weeks ago, starting weight of 168kg now down to 150kgs.  I'm 52 and like you was suffering from back pain and joint pain.  I can tell you now it has been well worth it, I am already feeling much better moving around.  I am not focusing on the end goal at this time.  I am working toward better health, lowering my blood pressure, no longer being pre-diabetic, able to stand for as long as I want to.  Improving or even getting rid of my sleep apnea.  For me the end goal is so far away.  But I already see improvements in my back pain and asthma. 
    So keep at it, you will start to see results really quickly.  Plus you have the liquids phase to do next.  Miso Soup, V8 juice, Broth, Yum Yum 

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  12. Loz added a post in a topic Port pain   

    Hello all, not sure if any of you are still checking in to this site but I am 5 weeks post op and oh how good it was to see these posts! 
    3 weeks post lap band surgery I started to get this pain, my surgeon believes it's because the muscle around the Port was softened as I had a hematoma which oozed for two weeks and that a staple has loosened and keeps grabbing.
    i can not wait for it so stop! Yesterday I thought ooh seems to be better then boof back with a vengeance today.
    Would love to hear from anyone in the same boat or has been.
    Lauren :)
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  13. soul sister added a post in a topic Nearly there...   

    Hi Larnie16,
    Try some v8 vegetable juice and its surprising how tasty beef broth (cup a soup) is after having opti. Im 19 months post op and went from size 22_24 to 12-14. I didnt think it would be possible, like you i suffered from knee and back pain and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. It really hit home when i couldn't even haul my body up the step of a bus.
    Its all good from here on so enjoy the journey. Cheers.
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  14. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic Newbie, wanting some advice please.   

    Inboxed you.
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  15. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic Loose skin removal - surgeons, what you've had removed and cost?   

    Where are you located?  I'm not sure if reconstructive surgery is available through the public system and if it is, it could be a very long wait.
    I had tummy tuck in 2014 and bilateral breast reduction/lift in 2016, both privately, both around $9000 out of pocket.
    Medicare rule for tummy tuck have changed in the past two years.  Best you see a qualified plastic/reconstructive (NOT COSMETIC) surgeon for an opinion.  Seeing as you have rashes etc, these will have to be documented with either photos or notes made by GP visits.
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  16. LARNIE16 added a topic in Introductions   

    Nearly there...
    Hi everyone, I am a week and a half out from surgery (sleeve) and on my 5th day of optifast. So far I haven't been hungry but I am struggling a bit with the sameness of the food. I get excited about having a little fruit or diet jelly occasionally just for a change in texture and flavour.  I'm trying to be creative with veges etc but this is a very difficult process - withdrawal is not easy. 
    I am 62 so my decision to have the surgery was mainly based on health issues and I am looking forward to decreasing my meds in the future and being more active again, hopefully, because my knee joints will be supporting less weight.
    It is very difficult to imagine being smaller. I have lived with my excess kilos for many years so picturing a smaller version of myself is a little challenging. I am a size 18/20 now so imagining  the size I will be is daunting - 14 perhaps?
    Anyway at the moment I just want the pre-op diet to be over, the surgery done and my new life to begin so that when I retire I can be active and do the things I want to do.
    I look forward to reading about your experiences and learning how you all have progressed.
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  17. BELLA100 added a topic in New South Wales   

    Help with vitamins
    Hi, I'm having surgery next week, I'm wanting to stock up on my multivitamins now.
    What's the best multivitamin so I'm only looking to take once a day, can anyone give me a brand or name and I get confused looking  the data on the side.
    Also what is your vitamin routine immediately after surgery. Thanks 
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  18. FromBondi added a post in a topic ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty   

    Not sure where the chatter is.. that's why I started this thread!
    I'm really happy so far. I'm down 20kg since April 3rd procedure. Would still like another 5kg to be at a healthier weight.
    I'm finding it difficult to not go back to old habits but am trying to keep at least one meal replacement a day up. 
    How's everyone else going post ESG?
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  19. MadamImAdam added a post in a topic ESG - Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty   

    Where's all the chatter about ESG happening?
    I have the green light from my private health fund to go ahead mid October.
    Does anyone have links to medical research articles etc? How are people going post-op?
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  20. denzel added a post in a topic Accountability   

    I'm up 500 gm this week, so about 47.5 kg.  Body fat % 22.2%.
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  21. NeenieTas added a post in a topic anyone sleeved by Dr/Mr David Murray in NSW or Tas?   

    i have since found out that dr Murray has only been in Tas for a short time - he was formerly in NSW 
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  22. denzel added a post in a topic Loose skin removal - surgeons, what you've had removed and cost?   

    Here's the link to my blog
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  23. Jules19 added a topic in Sleeve Central   

    Loose skin removal - surgeons, what you've had removed and cost?
    Hi all,
    I'm at the stage of my journey to start considering my loose skin removal. It's aweful and saggy and causes me to have nasty rashes and pimples in the folds. 
    I'm after any advise on where to go to get it removed, the cost of removal and the exoeriences you've had (good and bad). 
    Has anyone used the public health system to get it done? Or is this something purely for private patients?
    I am needing my arms, inner thighs and tummy all worked on. 
    Please please please help.  I need some light at the end of the tunnel. 

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  24. Jules19 added a post in a topic anyone sleeved by Dr/Mr David Murray in NSW or Tas?   

    I think you might be! This procedure wasn't available in Tas for me when I had my sleeve last year. I had to travel to another state. There's a 1 in 4 chance of complications, so let's hope the first 3 are the good 3! 
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  25. Piepie89 added a post in a topic Public or private?   

    Hi all 
    Just have a question about withdrawing super early.  I have PCOS and am Obese. I am ln phi and work full time also study full time.  With saying that I still don't think I can afford.  Would I qualify for early release of super? 
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