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  1. Leena added a topic in Introductions   

    I had made an application through my GP for stomach banding with my GP's referral.  My Rheumatologist too has recommended that I go through with it (no referral from the specialist) as I have become morbidly overweight.  I have a abnormal fatty liver, high blood pressure and cholestrol (under control with medication) and glucose intolerance. My BMI is over 45 and yet I have been rejected by Alfred Health by a nurse manager.  Can someone please assist as to what I should do?  I cannot afford private cover as I am on a disability pension.
    I would appreciate if someone had a similar experience and how it was solved.
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  2. Irene B added a post in a topic Any February 2018 Sleevers   

    Hi Spoodygirl,
    No idea why my dietician wanted me to do 4 weeks.  I started at just over 117kg and am now down to 109.9kg (I was 115.7kg when I started Opti).  Maybe it was because I am over 50 now, I really don't know the reason.  I didn't question it as I really am just going to follow everything my team tells me to do.  I am now just finishing my last night of week 3.  Can't believe it is only a week until surgery.  I was so anxious earlier on but now I feel pretty calm and perhaps even a little bit excited I think.  I went shopping today for some new PJ's and slippers.  Just trying to relax as much as possible this week, getting my hair done and a lovely pedicure and facial as well.  Big treat.
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  3. Spoodygirl added a post in a topic Late Christmas Present from mySurgeon   

    Wow that’s awesome! I had a similar thing happen. With my anaesthetist ai was quoted $1250 and when I had my appointment with him I wanted to pay and asked him how much and he said my out of pocket cost would be $250 I nearly fell off my chair!! So happy to save a few dollars well 1000 to be exact! 
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  4. Spoodygirl added a post in a topic Any February 2018 Sleevers   

    Irene, was there any reason why you had to do 4 weeks pre op diet! I’ve just started day 4 and only have to do 2 weeks. My op is 1st March. 
    Louisa, don’t beat yourself up, just keep on going. I know it’s so hard and a real struggle but just keep thinking if the end game. 
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  5. Spoodygirl added a post in a topic Offering a different perspective   

    Wow that’s amazing, well done to you! Im not really a fence sitter, I really want to go forward with the procedure and look forward to being only able to eat a small amount of food post op down the track. I don’t have a lot of will power but it seems I’ve found some for my pre op stage (day 4) I wonder how many people cheat and get to surgery and the surgeon can tell? I guess I feel it’s in my best interest to do the right thing for the procedure to go without incident.  I admire people who can stick to a diet (way of life) and stay at their goal weights but in the past I’ve been up and down and currently been at my heaviest, so looking forward to a big change. 
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  6. Spoodygirl added a post in a topic Did anyone ever cheat on the preop diet ?   

    I started my pre op diet 4 days ago and apart from the first day as I started in the evening I have not cheated at all. Not even to test the tenderness of my partners steak in the stir fry. Meat is what I’m craving the most. I thought I’d miss soft drink, ( I used to drink a 500ml energy drink a day) but I’m coping without that. I’m just having water for fluids, strawberry’s for day snacks and a cup of veges for tea, plus the three optifast a day. I do feel hungry all the time and kind of an empty feeling and always seem to have a yucky taste in my mouth. I have said all along that the two weeks pro op will be my biggest challenge. 
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  7. Spoodygirl added a post in a topic Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, I really appreciate it. You will be well and truly prepared when you have to go strict two weeks before surgery. I just keep counting down the days and they do seem to go so fast. I’m glad I’m not working at the moment I don’t think I could concentrate on anything except my stomach gurgling.   I know your right about what other people say and at the end of the day it’s my body and my choice, as long as I’ve got the support from my partner and family I’m happy! 
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  8. Queenies added a post in a topic Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Yeah it's definitely a shock to the system. I tried my best to prepare myself by cutting out all soft drinks, alcohol, eating better and having daily blended fruit drinks for a quite a while to replace a meal a day kind of thing. I did all this at the start of January when I booked in for my surgery because I knew it would be hard to go from having whatever to not much at all the next week. I'm doing mine for 6 and a half weeks so I'm only having a shake for breakfast and for dinner. Lunch I normally just have a lot of veg with chicken or have a piece of fruit if i'm starving during the day. Today I had a toasted sandwich for breakfast though after waiting 3 hrs through a blackout for breakfast. A shake wasn't going to cut it, lol. I'm feeling guilty now but I did hit my goal for weigh in yesterday so it's not too bad. I still have 31 days to go to surgery and am 2kgs away from my goal I set for before surgery. So I'm still pretty happy. 
    There is always going to be people that say it's cheating or whatever. I understand why it's seen as the 'easy' way out. But it's by no means easy to make the decision to have to surgery so be proud. You are doing this for you and your health just as everyone else is. It needs to be a lifestyle change, this is what the surgery will help you with. Most people are just yo-yo dieters. Lifestyle change is needed through better knowledge of nutrition and exercise etc. What people don't understand is - this surgery is a life long journey. You don't just get the surgery, lose all the weight and have whatever you want afterwards. Its still hard work, so just try not to listen to them. I haven't told many people, but they all seem positive about it because I've said it for my physical and mental health. 
    Wishing you all the luck, not long to go now. I think by this stage the nerves turn into excitement as well for whats to come. 
    - Queenies.
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  9. denzel added a post in a topic Did anyone ever cheat on the preop diet ?   

    Wow!  I am astonished at the lack of respondents to this post! 
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  10. Spoodygirl added a post in a topic Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Thanks so much for replying, I don’t think I prepared myself enough before I started and knew the first days would be hard. My partner is also trying to lose weight but she is  84 kilos so hasn’t got much to lose but is very supportive of me and the whole process. Had a few negative nellies telling me it’s dangerous and cheating etc etc. I have a severe back problem that prevents me from doing lots of exercise so I’m hoping the weight loss will help in that area. My back specialist has suggested it will help immensely. I’ll always have the issue but the weight loss will make it easier to deal with. I can’t really decide if I’m nervous or not, I think it won’t hit me till the day.
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  11. Queenies added a post in a topic Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Hi @Spoodygirl,
    I'm two weeks into the opti, it does get a little easier though but it's still hard. Most people say this is the hardest part so stick in there, you can do it. My surgery isn't until march 21st, I started it quite early. Reason I did is because my partner is doing the shakes with me as well. I'm doing it longer than I need too so he can lose a good amount of weight as well and support him, he isn't having surgery. I'm down 8kg now though overall and feeling optimistic.. I'm from Sydney
    - Queenies.
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  12. Spoodygirl added a post in a topic Any March 2018 sleevers   

    Hey guys, I just found this forum and I’m getting sleeved on 1st March. I’m 4 days into my optifast and finding it hard. I’m from Victoria. 
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  13. Rosie16 added a post in a topic Really nervous   

    Are you April too Deeishere22?
    It's been suggested by my doctor that I go see someone to talk to... so I've booked in for that, i'm not really looking forward to that.
    I also asked the surgeon about my scar and he said it would be fine, and he will just work around it. So that's a weight off my mind
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  14. April84 added a post in a topic South brisbane pre bander Anyone been operated by Dr Reza Adib   

    Hi kimberly71,
    I know it’s a few years on but I was wondering how all went from the beginning to now?
    I have just started looking at Doctors and Dr Adib is on my list.
    I also live in jimmy lol
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  15. Deeishere22 added a post in a topic Really nervous   

    Me too me too,  wo ho. Life changing. Can't wait 
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  16. Deeishere22 added a post in a topic looking for advice   

    I'm going with Kevin Nolan, out of pocket $3850. But it's approximately $150 to be anesthetized, diet service before and after $120 than $70 and surgeon consultation is $36 with a Medicare rebate. 
    I waited my year, and my surgery is on the 4th of April wo ho 
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  17. Deeishere22 added a post in a topic Getting sleeve early April 2018 I'm exited/scared   

    Thanks for the response, I'm a single parent and don't have family or many friends and this does concern me. I'm not accustomed to taking care of me,  but figured this surgery is for me, I have bad knees and need to save my body from falling apart from the weight. 
    Have you had this surgery? Do you know what I am to expect after? I've paid a lady to take care of my children while I'm in hospital, but what about after surgery in terms of recovery? 
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  18. Irene B added a post in a topic Any February 2018 Sleevers   

    Hi Louisa
    I am now on the final two weeks of the Pre-Op.  I admit that I am finding this two weeks more difficult as I do not have any fresh protein to go with my salad or vegies.  I skipped vegies one evening and just had the shake as the thought of them just made me feel a bit ill.  I have pushed through it so far, but I can certainly feel that I will have more of the same issues.  I have been so good I have surprised myself every day.  I normally fold so quickly but I am so determined to get it right this time.  I have just turned 53 and I just don't want to live like a fat person anymore.  I am so sick of looking and feeling revolting.  I have hiked a lot of places over the world and I am desperate to do more and doing this is the only way that I can achieve that as it has just gotten too hard carrying this extra weight and getting older of course.  I have lost 5.5kg over the last 2 1/2 weeks and I had lost a couple more kg's prior to that.  I am hoping for another couple of kilo's before surgery in a week and a half.
    Louisa I think what has helped me is that when I open the cupboard and the biscuits that my husband has opened are talking to me, I have just said an absolute "NO" to.  I actually say no.  I have had to do it quite a few times now, but it seems to be working so far.  I am dreading the liquid portion after surgery, but hopefully I will cope with that also.  
    Louisa, I think you need to give yourself a break.  Don't feel disappointed.  You are doing an amazing thing, prepping for this life changing surgery.  You should give yourself a pat on the back and be happy with your journey so far.  
    Let me know how you're doing.
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  19. Rosie16 added a post in a topic April Sleevers   

    Me!  So far ... although with the issues with my super, i'm a bit nervous to get excited. I'm the 16th, you?
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  20. denzel added a post in a topic Got given an air fryer   

    Um - this is a pre-op recipe forum.
    Not sure how things such as french fries fit into this category.
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  21. Jellybelly89 added a post in a topic looking for advice   

    Congratulations on making your decision  its a big step!
    If you're considering going private then its generally to a specific surgeon that your GP will refer you. If you've done your own research and have a preference then just take their name to your GP who can write the referral (I can't help in that aspect sorry, I'm from NSW). If you don't know though, your GP should have someone in mind - thats what mine did and my research began once I got his name, and I ended up going with him too. 
    The only wait is the one for your PHI to kick in - if you meet the standards for WLS with your GP and the specialist the only wait on that side would be until they're free to do the surgery. If you've seen the same GP for some time they should have a record of your attempts at losing weight, but both will go through them at the appointment. 
    Out of pockets vary... I paid $7000 out of pocket but got about $1500 over 12 months back as that was a clinic wide fee for dietician appointments, fills etc. There is a surgeon on the gold coast who has little/no OOP - I think the last one I saw was about $1000 so really; its going to vary A LOT. 
    I had to wait for my PHI to kick in, but used super to fund the gap so spent that time getting everything ready so I could go the day my waiting period ended. If I didn't need to wait for that I could have been done in 2 weeks from the time of my first appointment. The public list will vary - two friends are currently waiting and one of those has been on there for 3 years, the other 18 months. Neither have a date yet but while definitely obese I think there would be bigger patients with co-morbidities getting ahead of them in the public queue. 
    Good luck with everything!
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  22. denzel added a post in a topic Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!   

    @ladyfortythree AKA Julie - I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I hope that things improve for her - please keep us updated.  
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  23. ladyfortythree AKA Julie added a post in a topic looking for advice   

    David Yong in Joondalup is awesome, he did my band. cant go wrong with him
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  24. ladyfortythree AKA Julie added a post in a topic Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!   

    have not been on here for ages. My sister has been totally stuffed up by her sleeve (she never was banded)  she spends most of her days vomiting, is heading back to the city for more appointments to see what they can do about it. seems there are issues with all WLS, none are immune to issues.  Had my band now for 5+ years, so far so good but just wish I could lose more weight. sort of staying around the same, have managed to stay the same weight for ages now, prefer to go downwards :-)  Only commenting because people seem to think its only bands that have issues. My sisters issue is pretty bad but I guess like your band experiences it just happens to some and not all people
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  25. denzel added a post in a topic A Whinge About Clothes Sizes   

    I found this somewhat disturbing.  By doing vanity sizing, it is just burying one's head in the sand and being in denial.

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