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  1. denzel
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    Following on from my recent barium swallow demonstrating "mild to moderate dysmobility" in my oesophagus  along with "tertiary contractions"  (causing severe oesophageal spasm and hold up at the junction between the oesophagus and the stomach) I had a "gastroscopy"  this week.
    Anyway, the results of the Gastroscopy (I had wondered why it was being done, considering I thought that we had a diagnosis via the barium swallow ) were - to me - a bit shocking.

    The Gastroenterologist (Dr Peter Evans) came to see me before discharge and I think that he was even outstanded at the results, considering how non-complaining I am.
    I saw the pics, which he was sending to Dr Stephen Watson - my original bariatric surgeon who referred me to him following the result of the barium swallow. And, being a non-Gastronterologist, they were ugly. Really ugly. 

     Anyhoo, results of  FYI:
    "Findings Oesophagus: There were broad and thin linear reflux ulcers extending 8 cm above the OG junction. The remainder of the oesophageal mucosa appeared normal. The SC/OG junction was located at 35 cm, above a 3 cm hiatus hernia; there was no Barrett's change.
    Stomach: The stomach was tubular consistent with sleeve gastrectomy. The fundus, body and antrum were otherwise normal. Duodenum: The cap and the loop were normal.                                 Conclusion: Severe ulcerative oesophagitis.

    Coincidentally I had a double appt with my GP this am, and showed her the copy of the report.
    She was somewhat gob-smacked as well!

    She's commenced me on Pantaprazole 40 mg twice day for 2/51, then to drop back to one daily.

    Weight yesterday fasting, naked 48.71 kg, BMI 20.6 (then I went to the loo twice after).
     At GP today fully dressed including shoes, 48.5 kg

  2. Barbarella
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    Log for today

    Exercise: 40 mins, walk and light jog: 10,500 steps - TICK


    B: Cada Mix special.

    S: Sk Cap. Avoided the scones at morning tea meeting!!! Gees so much food at work

    L: Sashimi with grilled tuna, sushi and endamame - felt like a treat but healthy

    S: Carmens Nut bar

    D: Homemade hamburger. I so could have done without the bbq sauce and probably only eaten half the burger bun. So no treat tonight

    Weight: 94kgs :( 

    Goal weight: 73 kgs. My original goal was 68 - although for my height prob should be 64. But haven't been that weight since my 20s and that was my lowest weight. In high school remember being 73kgs and heavy. I just need to not get comfortable in my 80s which is what happens. I hate being in the 90s - feel so heavy esp in my tummy and arms. Just have to be focussed and committed. And not beat myself up if I ate the whole burger and have 'failure thoughts' and well you blew it so go keep blowing it. I easily self sabotage. 

    So my weaknesses 

    plain chips plain chips plain chips!!! I can eat a big bag in a sitting - disgusting but seriously like a drug for me. i am better off to not even eat one cause i seriously can't stop. not tempted by other flavour chips as much. I just need to avoid buying or buying for family. I usually try to buy ccs or doritos cause don't like those and won't be tempted.

    snacking after dinner

    lollies (at work - they so need to get rid of them - but just have to avoid them. It is amazing how much sugary temptations we have at work!!)

    I think I did OK today. I think the fact that have really built up my fitness is good. I hate the idea of stopping because i know how painful it is to stop and start again. So feel comfortable to keep that pace and even step it up whilst focus on getting food right and also my thoughts. Really exhausting that beat myself up pretty much every day of my life on my weight. Need to change the inner dialogue. So hoping by writing it down I can get there. Perhaps instead of accepting the self sabotaging voice I just challenge it. 

    I also have to learn how to deal with when food plans in household change so that can still be healthy. Ie in reality when i found out hubby was making burgers it was like always i give in. I should have said to myself OK have it but have half the bun, hold the cheese and just make a salad on the side. Next time - look its not that bad in comparison to other food choices, but I know this is how I then find myself on the slippery slope of no return. So am hoping by writing all the garbage out of my head I can avoid the slippery slope. Eww the slippery slope. It gives me the chills. I know for now I am so focussed on not getting near the slippery slope. I just need to be accountable by writing and be truthful so that can recognise if am teetering on the slippery slope so that can use my strength to pull myself off. I haven't succeeded ever! This time I will. This time I will. This time I will. Ok am hoping this is like Dorothy tapping her heels 3x saying there is no place like home and she gets there! I just have to fricken do it!

  3. Hi All,

    Just keeping up appearances (for myself more than anyone else).

    Yesterday I finally went back to my band GP for a fill. Whilst  have (generally) been doing well on Optifast again, after a bad week last week, I realise that when I am "bad", I am eating way too much for somebody with a band, as well as getting those hunger pangs between meals. So I bit the bullet and decided I need to be utilising my resources like I did in the beginning of my journey, and start seeing my band doctor regularly again for accountability.

    He put in about 0.75ml - to make an even 6ml. I didnt look at my weight as I only weigh once a month now and it's not weigh day! But I WILL be going back in a month's time to show him the progress I have made, and perhaps get another half a mil put in.

    Gym-wise -

    I took a naked selfie (from the back) after the gym the other day and realised I should be focussing more on my weight training than cardio - particularly on toning those areas that bother me.

    My stomach bothers me and I know I need to build my core strength with planks etc to help reduce that, but for now my focus is on my back! I genuinely HATE those rolls under the bra strap. In my limited 45minute gym time each day, I'm now focussing on the leg press (squats for my bum and lower back muscles), kettlebell deadlifts (lower back muscles), and lat pulldowns/support row machine (for my upper/side back muscles). If I focus for now on those areas that both me the most and see results in a few weeks (months), I can then move on to other problem areas such as my stomach and inner thighs.

    Has anybody  ever used a waist trainer and had any joy with it? I'm tempted to try it to train in but feel like it might just bee another money-making weight loss gimmick that you dont actually need. Might provide some back support though if I am to focus on those exercises.....

  4. So I've only got 6 more sleeps to go! It's finally single digits!! I've been shopping and bought a small suitcase on wheels, pjs, jumpers, knickers and last time I bought things like slippers. Next step is make soup. I've got a few things like Powerade zero and herbal teas but I will need soup. I'm so excited as well as scared. Anaesthesia always scares me. 

    I couldn't be happier about my decision. I've run into some family drama regarding my decision and what will be my new way of eating. It's my life and if their world revolves around food then I just won't catch up with them. Typical Europeans where it's all about eating until you're stuffed. 

    Im excited about the way my life and body is going to transform. I can get out of leggings and track pants back into jeans and fashionable clothes. Right now I'm confined to my bedroom while my husband helps our kids make something for Mother's Day. I'm really looking forward to seeing everything they are planning to surprise me with. Until Thursday I will continue counting down. 

  5. Hello everyone,

    Here I am back again. I was banded in 2011, really successfully. I was so happy with it, I lost a heap of weight and got into fitness in a big way. A couple of years ago, now that I look back on it, my band slipped. Certainly I was having symptoms of it. I ignored it for way too long. For some reason I felt that the slippage was my fault and convinced myself that I had failed. (Isn't that strange?). Anyway, after a few really bad episodes of pretty much complete obstruction, I saw a new surgeon who gave me a (loving and kind) kick up the arse. 

    I regained a lot of weight in that time. Eating over those years had become a real nightmare. And, though I became a bit averse to food, and eating in front of people, I still managed to gain weight because I was HUNGRY and only refined foods would be able to get in. I can absolutely say that the maladaptive eating syndrome is real, and can corrupt the most intelligent of minds.

    My band came out in November. Apparently there was quite a mess in there. Though I was fearful of losing my beloved (!) band it wasn't a bad thing. I finally could eat salads, other green things and I have really learnt to be able to eat again. Of course I've regained weight, as I think there's more to bariatric surgery than just the restriction. But I feel that this 3 months has enabled me to reconcile my relationship with fresh and whole foods, all of which were not in my repertoire with a slipped band.

    I'm on optifast again now - 10 days to sleeve surgery. I really thought I couldn't do it again, but I'm thriving. And finally, I KNOW that my band slippage was not my fault and that I should have admitted it so much earlier. The moral of my story? Stick with your follow ups, they're right when they say we're more successful if we stay connected and, also, don't let self recrimination get in the way of your success (and health).



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    so itsnow 4 days since having my band removed, still feeling tender like i have done hundreds of situps! each day is getting easir to move although its painful to cough and when i breath deeply,plus i still feel bandy but taking it easy starting solids again. not really felt starving hungry yet so thats a plus.:D 

    9 weeks to wait now till i go in for sleeve.

  6. Well, it's now August and I am down to 72 kilos. I feel so much better: my feet and knees have stopped hurting and I've just started a weightlifting program at the gym to strengthen up. It's taken a while to get to the 'green zone' but I'm there now and finding I usually consume around 1000 calories a day (healthy ones mainly, apart from the occasional chocolate). I have also stopped drinking alcohol. This is one of the things I've noticed with the band - my addictive drivers (food, alcohol, coffee) are all much reduced. As I've previously had breast cancer, which is my primary motivator for losing weight, stopping drinking can only help (it's another risk factor).

    I want to get down to business and lose this last 7-8 kilos, so I'm starting to record my food intake again. The fact that I've lost so much weight already, without really trying, highlights how effective the band is. The only side-effect I've had is gas - because it's harder to burp, I find that by the end of the day I can have quite a bit of wind buildup, which can cause pain in my shoulder. I'm going to start having peppermint tea to see if that helps. It's well worth it though, for the payoff.

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    hi all

    has anyone heard about NERIUM body contouring cream

    apparently its an alternative to get rid of saggy skin that's having huge results

    I had my band  years ago the best thing ive ever done life changing I lost 45 kg in my first year and have managed to maintain it    

    the only thing is I want to look as good as I feel but am to scared to go tummy tuck or plastic surgery but have heard this

    cream is amazing and fantastic so just want to know if anyone else has tried it before I dish out my money

    feed back would be hugely appreciated to save me and give me an option instead of surgery

  7. Finally the waiting is basically over. 

    Yes I still have 18 days to go before my surgery but I have started my pre-op phase so I finally feel like I am doing something. 

    I have also paid the rest of my out of pocket expensive and it seems I over budgeted and I have a spare $500 so I am very happy about that. 

     As for my Optifast diet I am officially four days in and I finally feel like I am getting into a routine with it all. 

    Breakfast- Shake

    Lunch - Bar

    Dinner- Chicken and vegetable stir-fry (type of thing) 

    Snack- Shake 

    It's been hard though, no matter how prepared I thought I was. I did not realised how many habits and patterns I had developed around food. Thankfully catching myself when I attempt to fall back on these habits is getting easier and it is interesting to assess the reasons or causes behind these habits. 

    I have lost almost 3 kgs so far which I am very happy about but I am worried I am falling into a bit of an obsessive behavior in regards to weighing myself. Already I am weighing myself multiple times a day  and I can't help but wonder if I am like this before the op what will I be like afterwards. I guess that is something I will have to tackle as it comes along. 

    Next step is the actual operation......so bring it on!!!!


  8. Been a while since I have updated in here. Seems diet isn't the only thing i get slack on.

    LONG WINDED BACK STORY and then some other faffing in there, so bare with me.

    So as some may know i had many problems with my sleeve, namely it being kinked and everything coming up. Basically it was similar to having a stuck moment with a band but there was no way to push things down as the usual techniques a bandit would use just let to more vomiting. in about April/May this year I had a solid barium contrast which showed that the bottom of my stomach was twisted around etc and so was pushing everything up. This lead to bad reflux(40mg Nexium twice a day and even then I often needed some gaviscon or quickeze to help in between) I have felt faint, though BP is fine, don't even have a postural drop which i suspected. i pretty much have lived off coffee(yes i know that doesn't help reflux but i also have a toddler and was finishing nursing studies). Pretty much two bites in no matter how well chewed and things came up. and it would hurt. Even puree soup and that came up. my surgeon told me he had only had one patient have similar symptoms to me about 8 years ago and that she had scar tissue attach to her liver when healing which caused her kink. she was an original sleever not a redo like me(band to sleeve). i gotta say i'm a tad pissy as I even waited 9 months after my band out to convert to sleeve to give my stomach extra time to heal. Anywho, i had a gastroscopy start of June for my surgeon to check what the issue was causing the kink and see if we can work the best option to fix it. Best case was dilation. Worst case full gastric bypass, and then a few options in between them. So after the gastroscopy the good news was I just needed a dilation. Problem being my surgeon hasn't done this type before so referred me to a colleague of is. This colleague has done this procedure a few times and is familiar with the technique. This dilation process is called Achalasia Balloon Dilation. Basically with the procedure they put the gastroscope down my throat(while i'm asleep obviously) then place another instrument down along side the gastroscope(this instrument is too big to go down the gastroscope). It goes down to the part of my stomach where the kink is. for me mine is caused by the stomach scar tissue being healed on each other, so there is a balloon at the end of this instrument which they slowly blow up to burst open the scar tissue. They leave it blown up for 2 to 3 mins at a time until they have done enough. That is the procedure I had done yesterday.

    So I woke in recovery just a tad groggy. Apparently I had fentanyl in theatre so I wouldn't be in pain. I managed to have a coffee and it didn't come up my throat. almost cried. This is something which basically since i got my sleeve I struggled with. yes even fluids struggled to go down and not come up. I have had only occasionally small stomach cramps. haven't had to take anything for it. I really hope this procedure has worked. today i have had nibbles of food here and there and even had a salad. yes even salad didn't go down before. prior to surgery the surgeon did advise me this may not be a permanent fix and I may still need to switch to a bypass later. He told me has has a patient who was sleeved and had same symptoms as me and stomach was almost identical to mine. He did the dilation last year and slowly the symptoms have come back and he needs to dilate again. If this ends up being the case he said I'll get to a point where I am sick of it and want the bypass so I no longer suffer. i really don't want a bypass. That will be the 3rd weight loss surgery in an attempt to be "normal" and "healthy". i'm aware the risks increase each time we have surgery and am so worried i will actually die from it. Surgeon did a whole bunch of bloods as well as he thinks i would be deficient in a few things such as thiamin due to not eating but also I have been experiencing what i can only describe as feeling like i caught dementia. have had trouble getting words out, like on the tip of my tongue but can't say them, pins and needles in fingers, extreme exhaustion, forgetful etc. it's worse than mummy brain. Anyways was tested for many many things (8 tubes of blood taken) and i'm deficient in nothing. even my vitamin d is higher than the norm for summer time and I have barely taken my multivitamins because i forget. though this last week i've been good. So no idea what is causing my extreme brain farts but seems pathologically i am healthy as an ox so to speak.  So really at this stage i guess we wait and see how it goes and hope for the best. Although I love the weight loss i've had, emotionally the sleeve has taken a toll on me especially with all the vomiting. never being able to eat just a small amount while out, without needing the loo very quickly after because food is sitting in my throat or in my mouth. i hope now I can eat and get back on track. I'm not far off goal weight. I don't even know what that is but i guess maybe another 10kg and i should be done. Will be nice to maybe workout too if i feel like it. again lazy i am good at but i literally have not had the energy to when not eating so yea. let's hope it works. i don't want the bypass but if i had to vomit every day, after every meal and have discomfort even from drinking I don't know how long i would tolerate that for. 

    Hopefully this will be the last such surgery i have to have and can get on with my life. Just want to feel normal and get on with things instead of always having my body and my attempt to be normal and healthy get in the way. Onwards and upwards hopefully.



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  9. Annettemariebee
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    Everything is going along fine, I am increasing my free fluid intake slowly and am nearly up to a cup!! Yet still amazingly, I am not feeling hungry, this is too good to be true, never have I ever.... 

    Onto some reality though, I am experiencing the horrible neck shoulder pain, thought I was a hero last night with no pain relief, how wrong I was. in my defence, I wasn't feeling pain before bed, just uncomfortable, this to me didn't warrant an endone! well I was reaching for one this morning I can tell you, along with a maxalon for how sick I felt.

    The moral to my story is - don't be a hero, take all the steps necessary to have a comfortable and safe recovery :)


  10. Collobj

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    Well have lost 17kg in the two weeks post op and pre op to date. Have experienced hunger for the first time but found a glass of water usually fixes that.

    First big challenge this week as I hit the road for a work project. Packing shakes and some mushy food so I don't get caught out at this stage I don't think a pub feed will cut it.

    I feel great. Only had one reflux episode since the operation and that was my fault eating too fast....SLOOOOOOW is the Go.

    Getting great back up service from my surgeons post op nurse . available every day by phone and great to check Im doing the right thing.

    So challenge of travel this week but Im up to it.

  11. SarBand

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    Pre Op

    The day finally arrived to start my pre op "diet". This is required to soften my liver so they can access my stomach. Ended up starting the next day (probably why I was given 2 1/2 weeks and not 2). I did surprisingly well. The first 3 days were complete torture. My dietician and surgeon allowed me to have non carb snacks such as carrots, broccoli and even diet jelly. By the end of the 2 1/2 weeks I was pretty happy with a couple of shakes.

    I was 99kg to start.

    By the time I arrived at the hospital I weighed in at 92.5 kgs.

    My goal weight is 72kg.

    Not bad 20% down prior to banding.

    On the way to the hospital I desperately wanted to pull in to the fish and chip shop or maccas or anywhere and get some food. No solids for the next 4 - 6 weeks. I would surely die - or be a mere shadow of my former self. But that's the point. If I don't do this I will die sooner than expected. A plethora of health issues weight related, not to mention self esteem. And a history of heart disease. I need to do this.

    There was a bit of a wait at the hospital, sitting around in a gown with no undies on and some crazy compression stockings.

    Finally, it was time to kiss hubby goodbye. As I headed to the operating room I couldn't help but cry. I had done this to myself, my body. I had made all the bad choices that had got me here. I couldn't control my eating. I needed to do this for me, my son, my husband, my life.

    Next thing I knew was I was out cold....


    Post Op

    This is not glamorous... Not at all.

    I woke up screaming down the recovery room. The pain through my body was unbearable (and I've had a baby).

    The nurses were quick to give me 1, then a second, then a third dose of pain killers. I calmed.

    My body was shaking and trembling from the gas.

    I think I may have fallen in and out of a drug consciousness. 

    I was wheeled to my room and heard the sound of my husband and son. They were talking in the hallway and I came past unexpectedly.

    I started to cry again.

    I wanted the mask off not to frighten my son.

    I could barely stay awake to say hello. 

    I was out again.


    The First night.

    The first not was sleepless. I had a lady in the same ward as me who was a little inconsiderate talking on her phone and television blaring. The nurses gave me earplugs. Every time I dosed off the nurse would need to take my BP and for some reason needed to wake me to do so. I had IV fluids and had to go to the bathroom every hour. 

    I had many pain killers.


    The next day at 10am they sent me home. 

    You think that after 100s of surgeries the chemist would know to order all mess in a liquid form... That's another story.



    So home 4 days. Mostly sleeping. The first couple of days hardly any liquids. Just those for crushed meds. 

    Am starting to have a broth a day and a juice.

    Still have not gone to the loo, though I am on benefiber. I will feel better once that is all back to normal.

    Still pain in tummy. Lots of gas. 

    Mucous cough has subsided so a lot more comfortable.

    Weight down to 90.4 - less than 20kg to go.

    Can only stay awake for max 2 - 3hrs. Body just needs to heal. 

    Pretty sore from lying down.


    Looking forward to being able to stand up straight and spend time with my son.




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    How thrilled was I to cull my wardrobe yesterday & take lots and lots of clothes to charity.    There's plenty of room for new, smaller, items in the future (not yet I have another 17kg to go yet!)  Absolutely thrilled that I made the decision to do this.  It has changed my life :)


  12. Juggalette_Naomi
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    So I have some time to sit and write an update on how everything is going.

    I'm finally under 90kg but only just 89.4kg. So I'm almost at 88kg the last weight I rember being as a teenager. So now I'm almost there I need to set a new target I'm just going to keep it easy and say 80kg. I haven't been working out as much as I should well I haven't done anything at all if I'm honest. I have been working extra hours almost an extra 10hr each week on top of my normal work week so been very tired and just can't be bothered, need a good kick up the bum to get out and do it! 

    As for eating, been a bit shit lately not eating as much protein as I should and sometimes skipping a meal. I guess I'm so use to fast food that having to cook just takes to much time and energy. I want food and I want it now and I don't want to have to cook. But then on the other side I could never eat fast food again as just looking at it makes me feel sick so does seeing such huge portions, like really I use to eat that much?! How I ever fit in so much food I don't know!

    I really want to make fresh, beautiful, healthy food but don't really know how. When ever I try it doesn't work. Some how I always manage to over salt or spice stuff, can fix it by not adding salt till its done. Then I buy all this fresh food and not end up cooking it and it gos to the dog not that shes complaining lol. There are thing I would buy and cook but I know I would be the only one eating it and I'm not going to eat much so there seems to be no point in buying it! Its very frustrating to find things to make  the hole family will eat. 

    So my food in a day gos a bit like this

    Breakfast- Coffee then half an hour latter: fruit smoothy or bake beans on toast or just the toast depends on time.

    Morning tea- coffee

    Lunch- 2 cruskets with peanut butter and oats sprinkled on top or a bit of chicken or nothing sometimes I'm so busy at work I don't stop for lunch.

    Afternoon tea- decaf coffee

    Tea- meat of some kind with rice or cous cous, or meat and veg if I can be botherd or what ever I can find in the fridge.

    Then I end the day with another decaf coffee.

    Yes I drink a lot of coffee but I don't drink cold drinks. This is a normal work day, if I'm at home there is more coffee and tea is a lot better coz I have had time to make something. I wish I had a person chef!! Lol don't we all?

    Crap lost my train of thought. Well I want to post some pics of before all this started and some of me now but my computer is being upgraded so can't just yet. I haven't even seen before and after photos I have them of me in my bra and nickers I will be embarrassed when I do post them but I think I need too to make it seem real coz at the moment I see the different in my clothes and what other ppl say but when I'm naked by myself in the shower I look the same and feel the same, I know the scales say I have lost 41kg but I just don't see it when I look at my body. This is why I need to see the photos and put them next to each other so I CAN see it! But part of me won't be convenience till I don't have such a rolly fat tummy the part I hate the most. I know I shouldn't say thos things about myself and be more positive but its hard to do that all the time.

    On another note, got a letter to remind me I'm due for a pap smear! So if its been 2 years since your last pap smear plz go and get one! And have your breast exam at the same time. 

    Well that's it for now as miss 2 has decided to jump all over me.

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    So had my very first appointment today in Adelaide. Was very nervous.  Dr was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable. My weight was 130.1kg I have a bmi of 46.5. Came away feeling very positive. 

  13. Best news ever! On Friday just gone I got a letter from the hospital with a date for my breast reduction ! I've waited so long, and worked so hard for this, it's all a bit overwhelming, but very very exciting.

    For those who don't know, I've been working on getting this breast reduction done for about 10 years. It's the reason I got lap banded. (To lose weight so I would qualify to have it done in the public system as I can't afford to self fund and I don't have any super or PHI.) 

    I'm having to travel a bit for it and have no idea at this stage how I'm going to get home from the hospital as depending on how long I'm in for my sister might be busy that day with school concert stuff. My son can drive me home but he's a learner so I'll have to forgo strong painkillers for the 2 hour drive home. Hopefully by day 2 or 3 I'll be fine with just panadol. But if that's what I've gotta do I'll do it.

    Can anyone clue me in on what their pain levels were by day 2 or 3 and if panadol was enough at that stage?

  14. ladyfortythree AKA Julie
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    I  have not written anything in my blog for a long time. I often wonder if anything I write means much at all except it keeps a record of my journey. A bit over three years ago I was pumped, I finally had been banded and I actually believed that maybe at last I had found a solution to what has now been a problem for me for  over 45  years. Today to say I'm disillusioned is an understatement,  put that together with feelings of self loathing, failure and hopelessness and that would be about the size of it at this moment in time. I am now only 5KG off the weight I was on the day of surgery, about 20kg from my heaviest weight. Ive regained over the last 18 months about 12 kilos, I am disgusted in myself.  I dont know where to go from here, I keep trying and failing with my band. Its pretty much a lucky dip as to how each day will play out. some days the band is too tight to eat and out of frustration I eat sliders, other days I can eat anything almost. Ive just coming off a week of chucking up almost every tea time meal and the previous week I did not even feel as if I had a band. My eating habits are now so disorganized. Top that off with spending a couple of days with my sister who was sleeved a year after I was banded watched her being able to eat much of what I cant do and yet she has now lost 79 kilos, looks great while I'm still struggling. I'm also feeling run down and tired so today I hit the shops and got some healthy stuff food wise, going to make up vege soup, eating water melon and berries as snacks.  I'm due to get back up to the city to see my surgeon soon, just waiting until after I sorted out my ankle issue. one thing at a time I'm thinking. If my surgeon offered to take the band out and sleeve me Id jump at it, I'm a public patient as is my sister, we both seem to have had the kind f surgery choice taken out of our hands and I feel she got the better deal.  Sorry to be moaning but I just had to vent, and yes Ive tried just about everything, Ive been counting calories for the whole time Ive been banded, and yes Ive fallen off the wagon a lot of times but I always pick myself up again.  just days like today I am just so tired of this whole struggle, its been going on my whole life, well since about the age of ten, I'm now in my 57th year

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    Hi everyone,

    I am very excited to say that I will be sleeved in November. 

    I have private health insurance but dropped my level of cover which took out gastrics. So, I have increased back up & now have to wait 12 months. Boo to that!!

    Anyway, I don't think I am going to be able to wait!! Has anyone out there been recently been treated as a private patient in a public hospital? My surgeon requires PHI but I would consider swapping if I could be sleeved sooner!

    How do I cope psychologically when you have to wait 12 months!? 

    Sohealthy (soon to be..)




  15. Life has been a whirlwind for the past few months, so much has been happening in my personal and professional life and I feel as though tonight I have hit my limit and consequently I am channelling this anarchy into my blog for relief and your enjoyment or at least some night time reading. 

    A few months ago I returned from my usual Saturday morning Step class absolutely exhausted, I went to bed and slept for 4 hours, woke up, ate and then returned to bed for another 4 hours, again woke up, ate and returned to bed for the night. Exhaustion. 

    I eased up the exercise which has led to a complete absence of all physical activity as I just don't have the energy and have stopped calories completely until I see my doctor next week. 12 months of severe calorie deficiency has finally taken its toll. I really wanted to hit my ultimate goal of 60kg by now but that is on hold and I am maintaining at 63-64kg. 

    The band and I are becoming increasingly less fond of each other and I am fed up with the dietary limitations and unpredictability so my fingers are crossed that a surgeon will agree to revise me for all sorts of reasons when I see him next week, fingers crossed!

    Work has been completely insane for the past few months as well which has substantially affected my functioning, now that Christmas holidays are here I am looking forward to establishing a new routine after I move to my new spot and become acquainted with my new town and workplace- got to find the gym. 

    I am really struggling to find peace with my new body at 63-64kg, I'm already wanting to have my tummy and thighs done. No thanks to superficial, moronic, self indulged boys not men - one of whom told me I needed to lose weight from my legs! Something I already felt true and didn't need to be said!

    The plan is so see the doctor, get a revision - hopefully band to bypass in one, find my energy and get running again and get hot just to prove to these idiots. Then save for a new tummy!!

    Just be yourself; you are wonderful

  16. Ok so I am 3 days post op and feeling pretty decent pain wise - my dr was right this is nothing like having the band placed I am feeling pretty fine already. Except for the weight gain. I have been all drugged up and sleeping erratically so I have been eating erratically too but I don't know where I am at. The scales have clearly gone up a couple of kgs - part of that would be attributed to my binge eating leading up to the surgery. I am totally unsure what eating normal looks like now. I mean I do realistically but I haven't been eating regaulary breakfast, lunch and dinner so I don't know how much I am over eating or what. I am still craving sweets and junk which has been my biggest failure. I am booked in for the sleeve 27th Jan, and I sort of told myself it was ok if I put on some weight but as long as I don't go over 100kg which I have gone up to already. I am terrified of what I am capable of between now and then. It's like all my willpower has completely evaporated. I imagine just by having e band out and eating more I am likely to gain. Even if I am eating what is considered a normal amount...us WLS people are different I guess. I will talk more to my dr when I see him for a follow up in  weeks, I obviously did not ask enough questions. I am thinking of trying to do lite n easy for some of the time to manage my eating a little. I only want to get 5 days breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am hoping this will help. I can't really afford it but if it is going to help me have a better control on what I am putting in my mouth then it is going to be worth it.

  17. Wishing
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    Three day out from the op on Monday. I started off really well, went for the the barium swallow, came back and went downhill fast! Tuesday was a nightmare, I felt so sick, tired and miserable. The drain is still leaking so I won't be going home today as planned.....very disappointed. It is certainly easy to know when I've sipped too fast....awful feeling! But.... I am feeling much better and I know this phase won't last long! Onward and upward (or should that be downward??)