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6 months on.. disappointed.

So im 6 months on, wow it honestly feels like last month i was going through all that terrible pain and post op dealio. Back to the surgeon today to find i had put on 100 grams.. "not bad" in the eyes of most. Disgusting in mine. A whole month of no weightless with + 100 grams. Anyway, saw the dietician.. we made a new food plan for the 100th time? Not really, but it honestly feels like it. When ever i see her its all we do because every time i do see her iv slipped off the wagon. Bad habits have been slowly creeping back in, this consists of lollies, chocolates and chips when ever i please. Goodbye to those. Plus no exercise. Good mixture! Saw the doctor and we discussed what we discuss every time, also. Slipped off the wagon, why? because i have gone back to my old habits and I'm lazy. Anyway... to make me feel some what better he explain i had lost 74% of my weight and usually once you get to around the 80% mark it becomes increasingly difficult, yes it sure does! I then slipped out that i want to get to at least 68-70kgs and he basically, well in my eyes/ears told me i was dreaming. He calculated that getting to that weight for my weight/height would mean loosing 130% of my body weight, he said he has only seen about 10 people come through the clinic and reach 130% or more of there total weightloss. He didn't say it is impossible but he said it would be beyond difficult. That has kinda put a damper on everything for me.. because getting to 75kg's just isn't enough for me.. Anyway back to the regime of eating smaller portions, going through the pantry and fridge and throwing all crap in the bin and actually getting off my butt and doing some exercise... JOY! Time to snap out of it and get positive.. i can and i will do this.



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