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The "big girl" is slowly but surely disappearing!!!!

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30Kilos GONE!!

Well here I am on my 5 month + 5 days Bandiversary and just realised that I havent written anything down for a month or 2 and I really want to begin doing that again so I can look back on those days that I dont feel so motivated and see that yeah I am doing ok!! 30 kilos are now gone and HOLY SHIT!! I still can't believe I have lost that much, I still have a way to go and I hope that I get there. Yes I have crappy days and yes I think I should have lost more weight 5 months down the track, but I am losing weight so I need to focus on that!! Havent had a fill since late September and have had a few stuck moments and find that I will have a times where my band seems to tighten right up for a day or 2 but then all is good again! And Yes I do get the shits if I can eat something one meal no problem, but next time its a no go!! My darling daughters bought me a fitbit which I love and we have fun challenging each other over the weekends or to see who is doing more steps each day and YAY!! This old girl actually beats them some weeks... LOL I walk 5 days a week and try to squeeze a 3 klm bike ride in a couple of afternoons a week if I can. Then there is the hour of boxing, and now its warmed up I am in the pool a couple of times a week with the grandkids and the odd game of tennis thrown in so pretty active which I am loving. I have had a couple of weeks where I only walked a few times each week totally lost my motivation but am back on track now...thank god!!! My diet is pretty good, still working out the carb/protein balance but getting there and although the dietican reads me the riot act I find that smoothies work best for me so I tend to have a cup of tea for "breakfast" then a smoothie mid morning! Cruskits with various things on them for lunch unless I am babysitting the grandkids so then its another smoothie and dinner is chicken or fish with vegies, salad just doesnt work for me since being banded so I dont bother!! My green smoothies which I got from the gorgeous TishTish here are just heaven and are full of fruit and vegetables and protein powder!! I'am counting down for Christmas day for the Pavlova!! Pretty sure its all I will eat that day and Merry Christmas to me!! :-) We are off camping for a week in January which I know is going to be a challenge as we usually have loads of BBQs, nibblies, choc, wine etc etc etc etc but as I am TRYING to not indulge in any of the yummies (other than Chrissy Day!) I hope it will be ok. ANYWAY, all in all life is still great, havent been this happy for years and love checking into this site almost everyday to see how my banded family are doing :-) BIG LOVE TO ALL XOXOXOX



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