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I am writing this for me but also for others to read as I couldn't belive how much comfort it brought me to talk and read to others in the same boat as me. Reading that some people can still fall off the Wagon with a band on was news to me I thought because you ate less even if you eat not the best food you would still lose weight. So I am glad to be reminded this will be no easy ride, but the most rewarding im sure. I had my band put in on the 5th of December 2014, so I am 2 days post op and just this morning noticed it did not hurt as much getting out of bed or moving around. I am still getting my head around the sensation I don't know if its pain from the surgery or if this is hunger as it can sometimes give me an un easy gurgling feel in my tummy, that has always happened if I have not eaten in a long time usually over night so I had 1/4 bannana and low fat milk all mushed up and that helped, but I do have a sharp pain sometimes in my chest if I draw a breath to quick, and I cant lay down fully as I feel the pressure and pain in my chest comes back, its a little concerning but im hoping its just all the swelling from surgery still going down. I am in a liquid phase till next Friday so I have been told I can have ice cream, icy polls, yogurts, egg nog, custard, jelly, cup of soup no noddles and fresh strawberries and bannana in low fat milk mushed as milk shakes :-) oh and prune and fruit juices. But I can only tolerate about quarter of a cup if that and I take it all off a tea spoon just to make it last longer.



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