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My Lapband Journey began a few days ago: I was banded on Saturday 4th March and it's now Wednesday 8th March.


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A few months down the track

Well, it's now August and I am down to 72 kilos. I feel so much better: my feet and knees have stopped hurting and I've just started a weightlifting program at the gym to strengthen up. It's taken a while to get to the 'green zone' but I'm there now and finding I usually consume around 1000 calories a day (healthy ones mainly, apart from the occasional chocolate). I have also stopped drinking alcohol. This is one of the things I've noticed with the band - my addictive drivers (food, alcohol, coffee) are all much reduced. As I've previously had breast cancer, which is my primary motivator for losing weight, stopping drinking can only help (it's another risk factor). I want to get down to business and lose this last 7-8 kilos, so I'm starting to record my food intake again. The fact that I've lost so much weight already, without really trying, highlights how effective the band is. The only side-effect I've had is gas - because it's harder to burp, I find that by the end of the day I can have quite a bit of wind buildup, which can cause pain in my shoulder. I'm going to start having peppermint tea to see if that helps. It's well worth it though, for the payoff.

Healthy Eater

Healthy Eater


12 days after op - so far so good (really good)

It's been 12 days since the op and I've continued to lose weight and feel good. I have a strange feeling in my stomach area - not unpleasant, but just strange (not a sensation I've had before). It's a sensation that seems to be associated with feeling full. When I eat, I only need a small amount and I'm not hungry between meals. There's something about the process of eating - when the food passes the band - that triggers that sensation and makes me feel full. It must be the nerves at the top of the stomach communicating with my brain. Whatever it is, I'm grateful to it because it's doing its job! As I have not yet had a fill, I don't have much trouble eating anything in particular (it's not like my stomach entrance is very small as there's no saline in the lapband at this point) but I'm not sure I'll even need a fill. I'm finding my appetite so reduced and the need to eat when not hungry is gone. It feels like a miracle! Given that I am a very healthy eater, I have just been able to concentrate on eating very high quality, nutrient-dense foods. I'm very focused on getting enough as protein, fruit and veg - particularly fibre. It seems to be going very well and I can feel myself shrinking and shrinking. I've bought a special dress to wear to a wedding in a month's time and I bought a size 40. I would not have fitted into a size 42 a couple of weeks ago. I"m exercising nearly every day, which I would do normally anyway, but I'm finding it so much easier as I lose weight. I feel lighter and stronger.  The main thing I'm noticing is that I feel clear-headed and full of energy. It's a great feeling.  I'm so glad I did this!

Healthy Eater

Healthy Eater


Four days in and feeling good!

I want to record the journey of weight loss but I'm a bit distrustful of my scales! On the day of the surgery I recorded 86.5 kilos (my heaviest weight by far) and now - four days later - I'm down to 79.8kilos. That's impossible as far as I'm concerned, so I suspect that my first reading must have been wrong (new scales). I am a very healthy eater and also do regular, good quality exercise, so I was told that I'd be a great candidate for a Lapband. My issue is simply that I love food and tend to eat more (amount and times per day) than my middle-aged body needs. I also tend to eat too quickly. For all these reasons, a Lapband seemed like a very good option for me. At 50yrs, I know that it is critical for me to get my BMI down to the healthy range (from 31) to prevent chronic disease. This procedure - as far as I'm concerned - is to save and extend my life. The surgery on Saturday was very easy. I went in in the morning, drifted off to sleep and woke with no fuss and little nausea. I've been a bit sore the last few days - Monday in particular was very uncomfortable as the gas used in the laparoscopy worked it's way out of my abdomen - but it's certainly manageable. I feel a bit like I've swallowed a rock and it hurts to hiccup (!) but otherwise it's all ok. My appetite is certainly reduced, but not gone.  I'm prompted to think about food when I see it or smell it, but otherwise I really don't think about it until I am clearly hungry (i.e. have only had 50 cals and it's 3pm!). However, what I find very very interesting is that my craving for both coffee and wine has disappeared along with the food cravings! This tells me that so much of my 'appetite' was driven by the reward systems in my brain and not genuine hunger. I knew that cognitively, but it's very interesting to experience that realisation this way. I'm attaching my 'Before' shots so that I have a record. I really look forward to reaching my goal weight of 62 kilos.

Healthy Eater

Healthy Eater

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