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So yesterday was the day my band came out all went well although i did struggle tho wake from anaesthetic and had bad pains so was kept in over night,  think that was best idea as today i am still very sore and pains me when i move or try to lift baby!hopefully this won't last long and i will feel normal again soon. Looking forward to next stage and getting  sleeve in November. Doc said not much adhesions or scar tissue from band so all looks good too heal in next few months. So happy With that, try not to stack on the weight now!

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4 days post op

so itsnow 4 days since having my band removed, still feeling tender like i have done hundreds of situps! each day is getting easir to move although its painful to cough and when i breath deeply,plus i still feel bandy but taking it easy starting solids again. not really felt starving hungry yet so thats a plus.  9 weeks to wait now till i go in for sleeve.



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