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Less than 48 hours to go



The countdown is really on now.

I guess I should start considering what I need to by for my bag and start packing.

Had my hair done yesterday (no more greys!! Yay). Tomorrow is the brows and pedi. Tonight my legs LOL.

If only I was going on a holiday to make the most of my grooming LOL.


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Think of your next holiday with the grooming all done and the slimmer you!!!!! Good luck! Im sure it'll be fantastic :)

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Lol congrats it's finaly here!! Hopefully your sleeve will go beautifully and we will hear from you real soon! Have a relaxing 3 days in hospital nessa ;)

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All the best and healing Nessa.

OMG this will be me in 12 sleeps and I will be doing the same amount of grooming LOL

Remember every hand that touches you, is a healing one!

Looking forward to updates


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