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Finding that green zone....



its been a couple of months now and i believe i have found that spot... the green zone.... its amazing... i was so sick and tired of getting jabbed every two weeks, then every month.... so far i haven't had a fill in about 3 months... I'm still losing weight... even though i am occasionally having an alcoholic drink or having some fattening food... i just find it amazing that i can do so.... sometimes i have been on nearly 4 days of eating rubbish and i still seem to lose weight... i know I'm not eating as much anymore but i still seem to be able to continue to lose the weight... some people say it is my age... some say that its luck... what ever it is I'm happy to be at the spot where i can lose weight, eat healthy have my occasional bad day and still continue to steadily drop the weight....

sorry to all those who have not found that spot.... took them over a year to get there and well now I'm there!

im so excited to nearly have lost 50kgs! at the moment I'm at 47kgs weight loss since banding... so I'm not far from it... I've always wanted to be under 110kgs.... then under 100kgs... to be only 2 digits would be the best feeling ever!

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I'm also making my goal this year to get to 2 digits, lucky! Fingers crossed for us both and all the other bandits with the same dream!



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