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Back to work and eating out in public for the first time

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Thursday was my first day back at work after nearly 5 weeks off. All the ladies were glad to see me but I got a few curious looks. I was cornered in the kitchen by one of the ladies and she was giving me the look trying to figure out what was different with me. I just played around and said that I had my hair done etc. She wasn't satisfied with that answer LOL.

By the time morning tea came around, she came into my office and asked if I had lost weight, to which I responded 'just a bit', still not giving anything away. Eventually it came out that I had surgery, but not to say to anyone because still not everyone knows and I don't really want it to be public knowledge. I also explained the procedure to them, as they thought I had the band.

I received a lot of comments that day on how good I looked (from those who do know and don't know).

They weren't happy with me as I bought in 2 dozen cupcakes for them to enjoy :).

Last night I went to the local wog club for a fundraiser dinner and it was the first time I've eaten in public (well I did have lunch at work, but that wasn't a big deal). I helped myself to a meatball and a bit of salad and my aunty saw the amount of food that was on my plate and she questioned it. She asked if I was on a diet to which I replied 'you could say that' and just left it there...for the time being.

She approached me again later and asked again (nicely, not in a nosey way) and because it was busy, I said I'd tell her later but never got around to it, but I'm sure she knows something is up. She had also noticed I looked different and she was happy for me. I'm sure the wog grapevine will be in action soon. Nothing stays quiet too long in our family ;p

I didn't know but my sister told a friend of the family about the procedure and she asked me about it. She reassured me she wasn't going to tell anyone because I told her not all the family know. She just asked how I was and how she knows someone who had the band but has had nothing but trouble with vomiting etc.

So tonight is the big test. Going out to dinner with the girls and then off to see Magic Mike. Going to a local Indian restaurant, so I've checked out the menu as to what I think could be suitable to have. Unfortunately they don't have a kids menu, so I'll just have to order off the entree.

I do have an ulcer on my throat (farken painful), so as I'm still in the soft food phase, I'll have to be careful as to what I can eat. Looks like I'll go the vegetarian option.

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mmm Indian, delicious! So glad everything is going so well for you! Does it feel good to be back at work and back to more "normal" things?

I had a bit of a laugh with the references to the wog grapevine lol. Reminds me of looking for Alabrandi lol.

How come you have an ulcer in your throat? I don't think i've ever heard of that. Hope it gets better soon.

have a great night with the girls and enjoy the delicious food and movie

Ness :)

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From one Ness to another :)

Yes great night out. I found the ulcer to be on the side of my tongue, still painful, but I have had them on my throat on the past (near my tonsils), which were also inflammed on Saturday night, so my chicken was a bit tough to eat without being in pain. Should've gone for my first choice in a meal, spinach pakora, which is like a soft chickpea kind of patty thing. Oh well. Live and learn.

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