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Bring on November 3rd!

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in 9 months time I will be lap banded. I am so excited. So my consult seemed to go fairly well, I liked Dr Dolan. So did my mum. He seemed fine, he asked me questions and weighed me and got my height, apparently I've grown a cm and put on 3 kgs since I started looking at getting banded.

So I paid for my surgery. It was kind of funny the chick in reception was like, we don't really like you to pay for it today, we like to give you 24 hours to mull it over, I was like I don't need 24 hours. Then she was like well paying for it now won't get you in any sooner, and I said I didn't care. I'd saved it up and I wanted it gone so I didn't have to worry about it. She goes to me, oh you're keen as mustard!! I was like yes I am! I have to say I was extremely deflated when I was told the EARLIEST I could get in was the 3rd of November as I'd been told on the phone September and sort of had my heart set on it, you know. Anyway, atleast it's happening and I can count down to it. I've never wished away time so badly before!! Hopefully this year fly's by! 9 months is quite a wait!

So heres to the 3rd of November and the life changes it brings with it, the good and the bad! Can't wait!

Peace, love & latte's,


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I know, I am so disappointed. Theres 15 people on the waiting list to have the op if someone cancels, but to be on that list I have to have all my tests done which means expensive travels to Perth and what not. Not sure about it yet. Thanks girls :)

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