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Week One on Opti down



Have survived the first week of Optifast. Yay! 3kgs down too - woo hoo.

Stuffed up first few days as bought optislim instead of optifast but don't think should make a difference I hope.

Have stuck to it to a 'T'. Except for Thurs night work function. Had 1/2 glass champers, an oyster and small lamb on a stick. Tried to stick to protein as no real veg option that wasn't fried. So did well considering I think.

First few days hard as was feeling really vague and woolly in the head and found it hard to concentrate at work.

This time next week will be banded.

Feeling excited but scared. Scared will fail eventually, but need to focus on achieving goal once and for all. Also guilt that had to get to this point where need to have surgery and something put inside of me. But if I don't then could potentially have worse long term issues, so this is for the best. Just have to keep positive and find as much inspiration so that I don't fall off the bandwagon and keep on keeping on!

Need to keep reminding myself why I am doing this. Never want to be this weight again. So need to keep myself accountable and this blog should ideally serve that purpose!


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Hi good on you for starting a blog ... I did too. I am being banded two days after you so I hope everything goes well for you. Like you I have long term issues that will benefit from the banding. Anne

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Thanks BundyAnne ... am excited but nervous all in one.

Maryannstime ... I am glad to hear it is the best thing you have done ... I keep oscillating between am I doing the right thing to yes I am doing the right thing. Just need to get through the op and healing and get into life as a bandit. :)

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