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9 weeks post op and 600gm up

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Up. Yes you read correctly. Up. Don't know what the hell is going on here, but I've gained. I'm eating the same amount as I have been (barely anything), yet I've gained.

My period is overdue a week (no, I am not pregnant), so that might have something to do with it. I hope it does.

Seeing my surgeon on Monday for a check up, so hopefully I will have lost it by then, at least on my scales. His scales seem to show less of a loss.

I went to my doctor last week about my back (I had such severe pain that I could barely walk and was feeling very nauseas and on the verge of passing out at home). The receptionist there kind of did a double take as she didn't realise it was me. I work there, but on weekends, so we rarely see each other. He prescribed be anti-inflammatories and pain relief.

When I got home, my uncle was there and he recommended I go see a chiropractor, so I went the following day as I couldn't get in that day.

Anywho, he diagnosed me as having a leg length discrepancy of 1.5cm on the right and dodgy right sided back muscles. He said he was surprised that I didn't have issues earlier. I told him I have, but not to the extent that I struggled to walk. I remember when I was in the US with my cousin 2 years ago, I was sitting on a bench and went to pick up the multitude of shopping bags off the ground and I couldn't straighten up again. I had to remain like that for a few minutes until the spasm resolved.

Been seeing him now for about a week and slowly things are improving. Not cheap at $50 a visit, bit if it helps, then I'm all for it.

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:( unfortunately weight gain canbe from so many things. If you haven't been regular lately it may have an effect. Your monthly and bloating. Sometimes I loose inches instead of kilos or grams. As long as you know you've been trying I'm sure it will come right.

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