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10 weeks post op 2.6kg down

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Officially over 20kg lost!!! All went well yesterday with the surgeon and he was very pleased with my progress.

One thing: he's obsessed with my boobs. After the hi's and how are you's on the way to the weigh in room, he looks at me and says "you're boobs haven't shrunk". Should I be concerned that he keeps commenting on them? I just laugh it off because I know eventually they will, just haven't quite yet (still same band and cup size dammit). I don't know how he can tell anyway because it's not like I flash them about.

He also stated that I look younger and if he didn't know me, he'd think I was in my late 20's. I said the wrinkles (following weight loss) haven't set in yet. He thought (again, before he knew my age) that I was more late 30's/early 40's. He himself is 41 and doesn't look it, but I would've said early 40's had he asked.

Anywho, don't need to see him now until 2 weeks before Christmas, which he says I should be in my 80's by then.

Double figures!

Last time I was in my 80's I was in Year 7.

I also happened to walk past Katies...yes Katies! I ended up buying a new top for work as I'm getting sick of the same stuff week in week out. I tried on a 20 and it fit. I'm thinking of going back and trying on 18 just in case. I never want to wear clothes in the size 20's again, so best schlep it over to Katies to exchange. If it does't fit now, it will in a few weeks. I just love the colour.

I'm house sitting for a friend who is going to Europe for 5 weeks. Jealous. I'll basically just be sleeping there as I work during the day from home. It's more to look after her half dead dog and princess of a cat LOL.

Well tis all for now. Until next time...

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Sounds like a bit of a sleazy Dr !!! Maybe you should put him in his place by saying your boobs are not his concern and that he needs to stop with the comments .. Anyway you are doing a fantastic job and I bet you are feeling great going into Katie's .. Good for you ..keep on doing what your doing :)

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Sounds like you are doing great. Maybe you should tell him, "keep your eyes on the road Rhonda!". I'd be creeped out to if my doctor was making those sort if comments.

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Hahaha Rhonda! I love those ads. You have done fantastic, and I don't want to scare you but I've almost lost 40 kilos all up and no change in my boobs except the band size. From 26E to a 20E. :(. I hope I don't look top heavy when I loose the rest ;)

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