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Optifast Approaching...



Hello All,

I start Optifast next Thursday so I have been enjoying getting in the kitchen and cooking the last few days. Now I havent been scoffing down maccas and chocolate. But I have made a yummy vegetable pizza, and tonight a yummy vegie quiche. I even treated myself to some stickydate pudding and custard the other night. I guess these are my last meals. Not that I cant have them later, but...well...we'll see i s'pose.

I've started stocking up on things I'll need post-op. I got some V8 juice boxes, some benefibre and some up'n'go vive (thanks to whoever told me about the lower calorie version). :)

I'm going to start making soup during week two of Opti and freeze them. I still have to buy some de-gas and a chewable vitamin. and maybe some liquid nurofen. I've got enough Opti for the two weeks (i think) but i guess I should get some more for after the surgery. Anything else I need?

One thing I do need is to send in my hospital forms!! I will fill them out tonight and send them tomorrow! I will, I will.

I am getting incredibly excited. Its nearly here. I'm not really looking forward to the actual Optifast, but more so about the period of weightloss from then until....well for the foreseeable future. I found some size 16 black jeans that I bought and never fit into, so I'm hoping to be able to fit them by christmas. I'm an 18 now so I dont think thats too much to ask. I'm also really looking forward to buying some new underwear, ive noticed mine getting looser lately. Bring on the new wardrobe! :)

EDITED: I forgot to mention I took some selfies in the mirror last night, wearing my underwear. Front and side views, I cant do back and I dont want my hubby to take them lol. I don't know how much weight I'll have to lose before I'm happy with look at my body like that, but I know a few areas that particularly annoy me. The fat rolls underneath my bra. My lovehandles and tummy, and my upper arms. Now obviously everything could shrink a little bit, but these are my problem areas. I think I'll be reasonable happy with my legs and bum after about 15-20kg lost :) To be honest there isnt much bum there, so I wouldnt mind learning some exercises to help shape that a bit.


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Hi I am a newbie and is still doing a lot of research! I am very interested in Lap Banding and is watched a lot of videos and reading (this website) I am going for my first appointment on Monday and I am so excited! Can you please explain :-) ... is Optifast a diet that you need to follow before the operation?

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Optifast are meal replacements in the form of shakes, bars and soups. Most surgeons like you to be on optifast for at least two weeks prior to your surgery.

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As Meg said Optifast is a range of meal replacements. The reason (some) surgeons ask you to do Optifast for 1-3 weeks (time depends on surgeon and weight) is to shrink some of the fat around your liver so they can get past it to place the band. Its a VLCD (very low calorie diet) designed to put your body into Ketosis and lose weight rapidly. Some people don't have to do it though, so best to discuss with the surgeon if he will require you to do it :)

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