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Last Night of Freedom




My hubby comes home from work tonight, and it's my last night before starting Optifast in the morning.

I'm also seeing the dietician tomorrow so I guess its kind of a celebration, about my fresh start :)

So we're going to have yummy San Choi Bow for dinner, put the little one to bed, get drunk on rum while we put on a movie and not watch it ;)


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Excited you are starting the Opti phase - not long to go now! I had a last supper with my husband as well and savoured it! Good luck on the next step of your journey.

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Looks like we start the same day, I have to do 4 weeks though so it will be interesting to see how I cope :-) have brought up every flavour shake, two kinds of bar but can only find vege soup, I was not impressed with the one time I tasted it, but whatever. Cant find the desserts but low cal jelly will be my friend

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OMG i ams o excited for you! And to be honest it is your last day of oppression and incarceration! you will now be truely free from food and weight woohooo

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Day 2 and I am doing okay but am feeling a little lethargic and flat. I am hungry in between shakes, but I also am not eating the extra food allowed for breakfast or lunch either, so tomorrow I may have to have a banana with breakfast and a little plate of salad for lunch after my shake. Just to get my energy up a little. Looking forward to having a nice piece of fish for dinner with vegies :)

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