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Well tomorrow I start optifast

ladyfortythree AKA Julie


Well it officially starts tomorrow, optifast for 4 weeks. wondering how I will do it right now but I know I will. Got all the shake flavours, but can only find vege soup and no desserts. got the bars though. Looks like low cal jelly is going to be my friend in the dessert department. Roll on November 30th. Strangely the only treat I gave myself today was a vanilla slice after tea which was a healthy choice TV dinner. I'm gonna miss milk in my coffee, that's for sure.


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thing I'm not getting is the dietician has said 4 optifast (from any of the selection) a day yet all the literature says 3. Whatever, this is what the doctors dietician has said so I will follow it. don't have an ice chopper so I froze my shake last night, chucked in the microwave for a few seconds and instant slushy :-)

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Good luck!! Yea stick with what they said. Im loving the strawberry flavour, not liking chocolate and vanillas alrite, so u'll be fine as you have a variety.

I know its bad but im adding a drop of milk to my coffee and having splenda instead of sugar.

I lost 800gm in 1 day so its worth it :)

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