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Scarlett Fever

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blog-0668476001352585623.jpgSo we had a rough couple of days. My 14month old has either Scarlett Fever (says doctor), or Hand, Foot & Mouth (went around last week at his daycare). So he's been a very upset and cranky little person, not sleeping, not really eating and crying basically all day.

He seems much better today, except for the spots and rash, seem to still have spread a bit further. But I'm just hoping, now PRAYING that I'm not going to come down with any symptoms in the next few days. I'm so close to getting my band, its all paid for. If they postpone it now, I will be devastated. I'll have to wait til January because I'm not prepared to have it done any sooner to Christmas.

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Nawww, OUCH! I'm really hoping you don't get it, We've been lucky with our little guy that we've only picked up colds and gastro a couple of times but nothing like H&F which he got when he was about 12 months etc. So you may escape

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