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Day 2, Post Op. My incision wounds are still a bit tender, particularly when laying or sitting down. I'm having trouble distinguishing the difference between hunger pain and gas pain. The gas pain is quite bad at times, moving does help a little. My hubby has been pretty impressed and appalled at all the burping and farting trying to get the gas out lol. I had an optifast shake for breakfast, sipping half at a time. Ive also had a V8 juice. Finding it hard to sip water continuously throughout the day though. But I know I need to. Ive got a bit of a sore throat too, which I was told to expect.

We went and did some food shopping (not for me obviously) and I felt totally useless. I couldnt push the trolley or even get my son in or out of the car. Couldnt even help pack the shopping bags into the boot. My Fiance has been amaxing, hes Being doing everything, dishes, washing, getting up to our son last night (which ive always done), even cleaned the bathroom. What would i do without him. My stepmum is flying in today for a week to help out so I will be able to relax a bit more :) looking forward to some girly shopping time!

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