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Day 3, the wtf moments

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So its the third day after the operation and my pain is becoming more manageable, I learnt quickly to keep taking my drugs. I have 2xprodeine fort and 2 de gas tablets at breakfast, lunch and before bed. They seem to help a lot with the gas pain during the day. Been able to more a bit more. The incisions are becoming a little itchy which is a good sign that they are healing. I'm running out of prodeine fort, however, so i will soon have to get onto the packet of Endone they also gave me. I'd been avoiding it because some people said it made them feel sick. But if I need it, I need it.

I still can't tell whether I am starving hungry, or just have the gas pain? They are quite similar feelings. I'm also having some of those "what the hell have I done" moments. I have fleeting moments where I wonder if this is going to be one of ways I fail to lose weight again, but mostly I'm just sitting looking at the leftover spaghetti bolognese or lamb shanks my family is eating, and look to my up'n'go, and can't help thinking i got the raw end of the deal lol. I am currently sucking on a roast carrot from my hubby's plate, which i will spit into the bin when im done with it haha.

All in all, I think I am recovering quicker than I expected, although I HATE feeling and being treated like a person who can't do anything. They wont let me lift or push or pull anything heavier than a bottle of water lol. I guess I just need to learn to relax and let them do it for now, because its not often I get to sit on my butt and do nothing.

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oh my god ur posts are such a good read... im glad ur getting better im not glad that u have these what have i done moment.. im praying i dont have them also. even though my sleeve surg is approx 3-4 months away im slowly re-training my brain reducing my serving size but still dead sit packing it that i will fail. nd knwoing this is my last chance failing cannot be an option somehow....

i pray u feel better soon .. i know learning to relax is hard nut like u said this chance dosnt come around often lol..

good luck with it all

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Just thought i'd comment on your pain management...i'm taking a guess that prodeine forte is the same as panadeine forte....perhaps try having regular paracetamol and then using the endone for breakthrough pain as required, once you finished with fortes of course....just a suggestion and not trying to substitute for medical advice :) hope you keep healing well :)

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i havent had the omg what have i dont feeling. i am also only taking panadol if needed maybe 2 a day if that, and i really dont get any gas pains anymore either nothing that getting up and walking around wont fix. i would try and limit the strong painkillers as most of them are addictive.

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Im getting to a stage now where i dont really need the painkillers anyway. Im just more in discomfort at times rather than pain. I havent had a second dose today and probably wont.

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