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Day 4, Post op

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I snuck onto the scales this morning before getting in the shower and I'm under 100! Only just, but just under is better than Just over. So to date my weight loss is:

108kg: Final Surgeon appointment.

106kg: Start of Optifast

100.9kg: Surgery Day

I'm not really scale-watching right now, I'm just focussing on healing anyway, but I am glad to have cracked the double digits!

The pain isnt too bad today. I didn't need any pain meds before bed last night, and the only reason I took them this morning is because we were going to walk around a little at the shops, so I took my prodeine fort and de gas. The gas pain has decreased considerably, but it still hurts to laugh a lot, cough or sneeze, so I usually try to hold my tummy during that. ive been able to sleep a little on my side too, instead of just my back, so thats a good sign.

My son is at daycare today so my step-mum and I went to the shops and we had "deluxe paraffin pedicures" so for an hour we sat in massage chairs and had some pampering :) It was quite nice to relax. And I bought some size 16 (yay!) three-quarter jeans, and a new singlet and shorts for bed.

Still can't really lift anything too heavy, or push a trolley, but I have about a week before I need to. I'm not really loving the liquid diet whilst everybody is eating yummy food, I'll be happy to get onto mushies, but at least its not just optifast.

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Im still an 18 on top, because i have big arms and tummy. But ive been wearing maternity tops since i had my son lol they are great for a bit of extra tummy room without having to go up a size :)

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That's great! I hated the liquid phase, I member I just ended up licking salt cause I had such a craving and there aren't that many savoury liquids. Worst two weeks every. Bring back optifast anyday.

Hope your healing keeps going smoothly

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