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5 days Post op

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My poor step-mum who flew over from Perth to help out after surgery has been up all night vomiting. I think she has the gastro that's been going around and I am really praying and crossing everything that I don't get it as well! I'm so paranoid. As soon as the Chemist opens this morning I'm going to go and stock up on whatever I can get for it, and I might get some red cordial for me and my son to drink in our feeble attempt to avoid getting the tummy bug. I know if I get it a week after surgery, it's not going to be good, and I'll make sure I go to hospital if I start getting sick.

So paranoid and worried now...

On a high note, I'm not taking pain killers anymore. Tummy is still tender obviously but I think all I need now is the occasional De Gas. Going to try to drink a lot more water today, I didnt manage much at all yesterday.

I had some delicious pumpkin soup for dinner last night, although it was either just a TAD too thick, or maybe I ate a little bit too much, because I was just a little bit uncomfortable after. Last night was a big eye opener for me, as I watched my fiance and step-mum devour huge plates of food, which I would have quite comfortably gotten down pre-band, as well as the entre bowl of soup they had with me beforehand. They did admit though, that the meal was larger than they expected and would have liked, but still, I only managed a couple of spoonfuls of soup before I wasn't interested anymore. It was a surprise. But I guess that's the whole point of the band isn't it! i really think the next few weeks will be interesting and show me just how much I was eating unnecessarily before.

Thursday is my Post-Op appointment with Dr Anderson, so I'm looking forward to seeing my weight on his scales, and getting a good look at my incision scars. If nature can see fit to let my skin bounce back and not be saggy, I promise not to care at all about the scars! Even the stretch marks! Fingers crossed.

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fingers crossed you don't get that sickness, lots of hand washing and anti bacterial gel is a good idea. I'm in and out of nursing posts with my job and I often come across sick people and the first thing I do after being anywhere near them is wash hands etc. so far I've not got thing. I'm interested to find out how much weight you lose or for that matter gain as a result of swelling etc. I'm assuming being as you are pretty young your skin will bounce back well :-)

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Ladyfortythree, I did jump on the scales I think the day after surgery and it had gone up a kilo or two, but once the swelling went down it did drop again by 3 i think.

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