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A week later....



blog-0919511001353562862.jpg1 week post op

Highest Weight: 108kg

Current Weight: 98kg

Highest BMI: 44.5

Current BMI: 40


So it's one week since my gastric banding surgery. I saw the clinic GP this afternoon and weighed in at 98kg. So I have lost 10kg since 1st October, 8kg since the beginning of Optifast (in the last 3 weeks). Happy with that!

Today was the first morning that didnt hurt to get out of bed or bend down for something, so I'm healing well. The GP took out the staples from the incisions, and they are a tiny bit itchy, but it didnt really hurt, it feels like plucking hair out. I didnt get to look at them or take a photo before he put the sticky dressings back on.

I've still got a pretty impressive bruise from when I was knocked out and in theatre. Jealous? :P

Not doing too bad on liquids, not drinking NEARLY as much water as I should be. Have been drinking an optifast for one meal a day, an up'n'go for one meal, and I usually have soup for dinner. In between I'll have V8 juice, some drinking yoghurt or a small milo custard. Soooo looking forward to mushies, but the first week of liquids goes very quickly, and to be honest the first couple days you're so uncomfortable, you aren't that interested in food anyway. Well I wasnt.

I've had vegetable and lentil soup, my cajun vegetable soup, homemade pumpkin soup, and tomorrow I'm making the potato and leek soup from the "Knife, Fork & Band" book.


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Oh, you obviously have veins like me, i surgery some years ago and after trying a few times to get a vein unsuccessfully they put me to sleep with the mask then continued to poke around, the bruises i got from the failed ones after i was asleep were pretty damn impressive coz i wasn't able to say ow and make them stop! Sounds like your doing great so far, keep up the great work!

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it is a shocking bruise!

just a suggestion if you want to get rid of it quickly, pour a decent amount of witch hazel on some dressing or a pad that matches the size of the bruise and stick the dressing down. within a couple of days it should be gone.

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Thanks :) the bruise doesnt hurt, its just colourful. But it looks terrible, especially when you're trying to keep your banding on the down low, have had to wear long sleeves in front of my in-laws lol

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Omg so funny, i have a bruise on the same spot on my arm too, Dr Anderson must have bashed us around lol. Mine is not that big tho..ouch!

Congrats on your loss, be proud as i started at 102kgs and have lost 6kgs in the 3 weeks. However I know everyone is different, and im still very happy with that.

Well done!

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