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Let's talk dehydration...



I learnt my first lesson today about how important it is to sip water constantly throughout the day, particularly during the recovery immediately after surgery.

The last two days i hadnt been feeling great, not really hungry or interested in having drinks, not even a cup of tea or diet cordial. My energy level today has just been so low, i had to go back to bed when my son went down for a nap. This afternoon i just started feeling dizzy, i picked up my son which i shouldnt have any, and i had to put him down immediately. I felt queasy, my face started to tingle and i knew that the blood was draining from my face. I was going to pass out, my stepmum told me id gone pale and she got me a cold flannel for my face and made me lay down on the couch. I spent the next hour eating hydrolyte icy poles and sipping water.

The nurse who discharged me at the hospital warned me I'd be back if I didnt drink enough water and I finally believe her. Please, please, please, carry a water bottle with you always, and DRINK!


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If your still feeling dehydrated gatorade is really good, isotonic so it will hydrate you quickly. I know the feeling, i left hospital at 9am and was back at 5pm really dehydrated, its a horrible horrible feeling!

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Hydrolite or gastrolyte is just as good. I got lectured by my doc today for not having enough fluid - said my headaches were due to dehydration. He took a heap of fill out, made me have a HUGE drink of water and "voila! " 30 mins later no headache, for the first time in a week

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Thanks :) thats why i wanted to document my journey with a blog and photos, because i found them really helpful from others, and if mine can help somebody prepare themselves for what to expect, or be inspired, then im happy :)

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