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Progress Report - 12 days post op

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12 days post op

Highest Weight: 108kg

Current Weight: 96.5kg

Highest BMI: 44.5

Current BMI: 39

Hello, Just checking in :)

So its only a few more days til I reach the 2 week mark. My weight fluctuates slightly every time I check, but I'm approaching 96kg! Probably 96.5, really need to get digital scales so I can see the grams and stop guessing.

My BMI is now under 40, yay! and I am now OBESE and not MORBIDLY OBESE. Double yay! Never thought I would be so happy to be called obese lol. The size 16 jeans I bought just last week are even becoming a little loose around the legs, although I have been wearing them for a few days now so maybe they are just stretched and need a wash to shrink them back :P I love my 3/4 jeans. I'm going to go back to Big W and get some more.

I'm surviving just fine on the liquid phase, a normal menu for me at the moment would be:

- Breakfast: cup of tea, then Optifast or Up'N'Go about an hour later

- Lunch: Optifast, or Up'N'Go (alternating what I had for breakfast)

- Dinner: 1/2 cup soup (this satisfies me just fine. I'm not needing more at this stage.

- Snack: "Go Ghurt". Home-made icy pole from diet cordial or V8 juice.

- Drinks: sipping water frequently. sometimes a diet cordial or cup of tea with skim milk and no sugar.

It's a little bit weird to only be eating half cups at a time, but i'm using my toddler's bowls, so it looks like a normal serve :)

I'm am looking forward to starting mushies in a couple of days, I'm going to make some Tuna Mornay for Wednesday night.

I know what head hunger is now. Whenever I feel myself thinking about a sandwich or pasta for dinner, I make myself listen really hard to my body to see if the craving is coming from my tummy or my head. If I am genuinely feeling hungry between meals at the moment, a cup of tea or a little bit of yoghurt is satisfying enough, and all cravings disappear. I can also usually ignore them buy keeping busy, doing chores, reading a book etc.

I was going to begin my walking again this morning, although as my son is in daycare, I've decided to take advantage of the quiet and clean house, and just relax with my book today. It feel really good. I think I'll go to Zumba this week, but just take it easy, maybe skip a few of the more taxing moves. Just to get back into things. I don't want to overdo it but I feel the sooner I get back into a bit of exercise the better :)


I still have my period, one that has lasted since I began the pre-op Optifast diet. Nearing its fourth week. Its really annoying, wish it would just disappear. I'm attributing it to the body shock and sudden weightloss. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon, otherwise I may take a trip to the GP to discuss it. I forgot to mention it at my 1 week checkup, but he's a man...just don't feel comfortable.

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Hey sweetie,

Glad to know you're feeling well enough to want to go to a zumba class, but personally, I'd wait a little longer. I'd stick to gently walking for now. You might feel well enough to attend, but in reality, you're still healing. Your internal stitches are still quite fresh and you might pull something or do some damage?

Also, don't be surprised if you gain a little weight during the mushie stage and once you've healed, as you really aren't having much at all at the moment!

As for your period lasting 4 weeks, are you on the pill and did you happen to try to skip a period? My daughter tried to skip her period whilst on the pill and she ended up having one for a month! lol She found out later that on the pill she was on, that can't be done. :)

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I'll have a think about the Zumba class. :)

No I've had Implanon in for over a year and the norm for me is to have very light and short periods on it. I never tried to skip a period, even whilst on the pill, didnt like the idea of screwing around with my natural cycle any more than I had to for the birth control side of it.

I'm expecting a gain or stall in my weight in the next couple weeks with the mushies, and I'll try not to let it get to me lol.

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hey leanne,

glad ur doing good bit worried bout the zumba class but im sure u know what ur doing... i will stop being all concerned and just say how ur story has inspired me and made me so much more excited for my surg in feb or early march :)

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I've been reading your posts for a few weeks now and am encouraged by your writings thank you. I have my lapband surgery tomorrow so am somewhat nervous this evening.

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I've decided to skip Zumba this week and attend next week. Mostly so I can spend some time with hubby, but also just to give my body another week to heal on the inside.

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