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I'm sitting on 96kg 2 week after surgery. I was 100.7kg on surgery day so I have lost 4.5kg in the last 2 weeks on my liquid phase.

I'm a little bit nervous about starting mushies as I know my weight loss with stall for a while, so I might start my walking tomorrow (didnt make it yesterday or today). Hopefully that will keep things moving a bit. Trouble is it's been so HOT the last week or so and I hate being outside in the sun, I burn so easily. I'm going to have to get up super early and go whilst it'll still a bit cool.

For my first mushy meal i took the stick blender to some left over Spag Bol, and it is HEAVENLY! I have been waiting for this for 4 weeks! haha. I remembered to have a drink before hand, and I am eating out of a toddler bowl, with a teaspoon and putting it down between (small) mouthfuls. I measured out just over half a cup which I have a feeling will be more than plenty as I am filling up quickly with each spoonful.

Tonight as my hubby is coming home I'm making pan-fried fish, with soft pumpkin and cauliflower/broccoli cheese. All soft enough for me to eat as well :)

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