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My Lapband day experience

ladyfortythree AKA Julie


Well I'm finally banded after a five year wait on the public list. I thought Id write down my experience as so many others have done as it was interesting to read others experiences while I waited to get my operation.

I flew up to Perth on Thursday on one of the windiest days and the flight was pretty rocky, thought I was going to heaven not to hospital LOL. The night before the op I decided to have a meal and it was lovely but to be honest after 4 weeks of optifast fish, chips and salad was way too much and I felt awful for some hours after. fasted from 7.30 onwards.

Friday 30th Nov came and I was up at 4.45am in the hotel, missing the hubby and home already. Had my shower and did the medical wash thing. Taxi to the hospital and I arrived at reception at around 6.25am.

At around 7.10 am I was called and taken to a room with a nice comfy recliner chair with my name above it. I was given a container and asked for a wee sample. That took some time as I had nothing much to pee. Once that was done I settled back and waited and waited. During this time other people came in and took their chairs. There was a really old lady, probably in her 90s waiting as well and she was a bit deaf. It kept us amused listening to the nurses trying to get responses out of her about medical things. At one stage the nurse asked about an ECG and she said yes I had an STD yesterday. was funny.

Finally I got called in and sat down to answer the usual questions re health fasting etc. I had spent a lot of time worrying about if a gown would fit me or if Id get my butt into one of their wheelchairs. I took one look at the supplied undies and told the nurse Id go commando and she was great and gave me two gowns, one for the front and one I put on like a dressing gown. I got weighed and it showed 12-13 kilo loss and then the Doctor came in and he was very happy with that and told me that the most successful people on lapband are those who can comply with the optifast and lose a fair amount of weight before surgery.

Then they wheeled me up to admittance and recovery which was huge, lots of babies and kids coming out of anaesthetic and crying and a few adults moaning, not exactly what I wanted to hear but whatever. The anaesthetist came and spoke to me and then they wheeled me up to theatre. The room seemed very cold and the operating bed seemed very narrow. They told me to take off one of the gowns and slide onto the table which I did. Lay down with your feet touching the end firmly and head on the pillow. That was ok. I then had a mask put over my face, oxygen and some sort of relaxant I was told, I watched the anaesthetist putting the needle in my hand and breathed in deeply and that's all I remember until I awoke in recovery. The pain was not too bad, I registered it around a 7 to 8 out of 10 and they gave me pain relief top ups for a while. after a while they came and took me to my room, I slept for a while and I never noticed the pain from wind until a bit later when the drugs began to wear off. I had a sore throat though which is normal. The Doctor came and saw me and told me he was very happy he had not had to open me up as my huge gall bladder op scar from years back was expected to be an issue, he managed to run all five holes along that scar, bless him. He was so proud of that LOL So that was my day. Oh and I did fit in the wheelchair LOL


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ur account of your day is great a few good laughs in there . glad u dont have any std's ...lol

i wish u had the sleeev so i knew how that day would be ...

i hope ur next few days arnt too horrible for you

take care

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Thanks for this. The more I hear about others' experiences the more confident I feel about what I'm yet to go through. I'm glad you had a good surgery. :)

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