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3 weeks Post Op - Healed and Happy

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blog-0341030001354662527.jpg3 weeks post op

Highest Weight: 108kg

Current Weight: 94.5kg

Total Loss: 13.5kg

Highest BMI: 44.5

Current BMI: 39


Just a bit of an update. I'm down to just under 95kg which I am SO happy about. I would really like to lose that 4.5kg in the next few weeks and begin the New Year at 90kg. :) I may have to start my exercise again. I have been lacking in energy lately, so adding my exercise back in, should help perk me up. I'm taking the Band Buddy Nutrichews morning and night, although I did have to set reminders on my phone, because I kept forgetting. My incisions have healed nicely but still have some sticky bandages on. Will leave them off next time they fall off. My port gets a bit tender still if i lay the wrong way or do too much lifting during the day...but I have a 1 year old so that unavoidable sometimes. And it still (hurts?) feels funny when I hiccough. But other than that, I have no pain at all. My tops and jacket are much loser and more comfortable, I'm down to a size 16 in Emerson (BIG W) jeans, and even they are starting to become lose, will have to get my belt out again.

People are commenting on my weight loss, although they are aware of how much I've lost, because I announce it on facebook every couple of kilos lol. I'm just saying I'm continuing with Optifast, nobody knows about the band. I don't like talking about how I'm doing it because I feel a little dishonest saying I'm just dieting. I think my sister, who is also trying to lose weight, and doing a great job, is a little bit puzzled as to how I've lost more weight than her in a shorter time-frame. She is in the low 70s, so she doesn't have to worry about me catching up for a while, but I know when I do, she is going to get really nervous lol. I can't wait.

I am due to get my first fill tomorrow, although he didn't say how much he was going to put in. My hunger during the day is almost nothing, and I'm still only eating just over half a cup at mealtimes, so I don't actually feel like I need a fill? I don't want him to put it in just for the sake of it. Having said that, sometimes I feel like I COULD eat more, but I'm listening to my body and stopping when I feel satisfied, like I never have done before. I'm learning it's okay and also sometimes NECESSARY to leave food on your plate. And now I have my dog back, I don't feel so bad about wastage, cuz he eats the leftovers. :)

The only time I really struggle with head hunger is around 8-9pm when my little one is in bed, my hubby is away at work, and I'm just bored watching TV. Last night I struggled knowing that I had my famous homemade shortbread in the house. I ate two pieces yesterday. I'm not craving them this morning but I know tonight I will want one. Ive put them out of my immediate sight. Tonight if I feel like one, I'm going to make myself a cup of tea, maybe a low fat chai latte for that sweetness, and then see if I still want one. If I still want one, I'll turn off the TV and go and read my book. This usually works because I get so involved in the story that I forget about everything else, including sleep! lol. I refuse to throw them out or give them away because I want to train myself to resist temptation. There is also a bar of chocolate in the fridge that I admit, I haven't been that interested in, so I think its just the novelty of having these biscuits in the house, that I only make once a year. They are special and represent Christmas to me. :)

I think another reason why we become addicted to some foods, is that they hold a special place in our hearts because they hold memories. Whether its the memory of Christmas as a child, or helping your mum in the kitchen, I think we all have special family recipes or foods that are hard to let go of. We just have to let go of the quantity and frequency, which is equally as hard.

Alright well I'm going to go and get dressed, put the baby in the pram and go for a walk!! Get outside people! :)



So I got 5mls put in, which seemed like a lot to me. But so, far I'm not having any problems. it was back to liquids for a day and a bit, I'm supposed to be on purees, but after some apple puree went down fine yesterday, I've tried some cottage cheese and chilli tuna and it seems to be fine as well :) Definately can feel the restriction as I filled up quite quickly, but remember to stop when I thought I should, even though there were only 2-3 baby spoonfuls left. So far things are going quite smoothly, and I can only hope it continues when I make it onto normal solid food tomorrow. I'm looking forward to real food again. Healthy food mind you, but real food :)

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So glad to read this and know you don't have a fill... I was wondering how I would go without a fill as my first fill appointment isn't until 6 weeks after surgery (because I work away 2/1 roster). I am freaking out that having no fill for that long will stop me from loosing weight and not feeling satisfied with the smaller meals....It's put a little bit of hope that I will be ok. thanks! xx

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Hi Kylie :) My advice for those 6 weeks is to just stick to measuring your food out. and halfway through your meal, stop and really listen to your stomach, not your head. if you no longer feel hungry, stop eating. even if there's half a bowl of soup left. if you find you can't last until the next meal time, then maybe have a tiny bit more at the next meal. :) I wasnt hungry between meals but you may be different. I just got my first fill of 5mls and im not even interested in having my soup for dinner, so im just sucking slowly on a v8 fruit box.

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