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3.5 weeks post op.


So I've been having a couple of issues lately, so I'm going to write them down...again.

After my 5ml fill on Thursday, I was supposed to go back to liquids for two days, mushies on the 3rd day, and solid food on The 4th day. I got a bit impatient and sick of liquids (i was only into my 1st week of mushies when he gave me the fill), so I skipped to mushies a day early.

I have been eating normal food combined with mushies, and my weight has stalled. Still stuck on 95kg.

I know that I am eating too few calories. I know it should be over 800 a day, and the last few days I have been lucky to make 500 a day. At the moment, I already feel like I am in this elusive "green zone". I'm satisfied with small portions and not hungry between meals.

The doctor's "rules" state to eat three meals a day and not snack between. They also say to stop eating when satisfied. These rules are stuck in my head, and whilst it is great that I'm remembering and living them....I find it impossible to achieve the required calorie intake when I follow these rules. On top of this, I have resumed my exercise routine, which is no doubt burning the precious calories i am consuming.

Somebody pointed out that I have not been chewing much (owing to the mushies and liquids i have bee non since surgery). So I am going to make a point to make sure I avoid the sliders that have been my friends for the past month.

My Goals:

- Eat protein with every meal.

- Make sure meals require lots of chewing...eg meat, firm vegetables, salad.

- Avoid liquid calories.

I know that its normal for weight to stall once you get off the liquids and onto mushies, but its just frustrating when you feel like you're doing the wrong thing, even though its what you have been told by the doctor and dietician, and also what your body is telling you to do. At the end of the day my body is telling me that I dont want/need any more food than I am eating. it is everybody else telling me I need those 800 calories a day. Not sure what to do. Will have to try and get in to see my dietician in early Jan, to see if she can help me work it out and maybe come up with a meal plan for me to follow.

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Hey Leanne, I am not counting calories, just eating healthy. I am basically at the same point as you, my fill is 6ML and my weight has just stalled at about 94.5. I guess its just a waiting game for us and hope that with exercise/healthy eating we will hopefully drop something at the end of the week. Good point in chewing and eating foods, as opposed to liquids, I have to make sure I am doing that so I feel full. My advice is to just eat what your body requires, don't eat any calories if you do not feel like it, after all it's your body and everyone is different.

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I have never counted calories.

I ate the texture that was required at the time, cooked healthy foods, and drank or ate them till I felt full.

I guess I didn't exactly follow "the rules", but it worked for me.

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I reckon that if you're finding that you are not consuming enough calories you should make a high calorie drink, I know you want to do less liquids but to me it seems an easier way to get in some protein (something like sustegen) and it cant hurt. In any case I think this will pass soon and all of a sudden you will see a drop in weight out of the blue :-)

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