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Pre Op Thoughts



So, I weighed myself today and was 119kgs. I am so upset with myself because I was 112kg last year and the year before even thinner. I just keep gaining weight and even though I have my surgery in 6 days (January 7th 2013) I can't help but feel like I will never look "good" because even if I lose the weight I will have horrible loose skin. I really am afraid of surgery and removing loose skin is something I don't know if I could go through. I am just praying my body will bounce back and I won't have the problem.

My goal weight is 57kgs ( I am short 157cms) but I'd be happy to be 70kgs by December 2013 and lose the remaining kgs a bit slower.

Anyways, I feel so crap because I let myself gain so much. I just couldn't say no to my sweet tooth or it seems I have a mouth full of sweet teeth. I guess I am writing this because I feel utterly hopeless, like I am in a lose - lose situation.

Trying to remain positive but I can't help but think of this crap. arrg


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can I suggest you take it one day at a time? I was banded on 30/10/12, and thought I would have lost more by now. I've lost about 7-8 kg so far. The dr keeps telling me to take it slowly. I weighed myself on Boxing Day, and was the same weight so felt happy. Then I started to exercise again and now I've put on weight - in a week! What I'm trying to get at, is don't beat yourself up about what you have/haven't done, or how long and hard the journey seems, just take one day at a time. I've learnt that the band isn't the easy solution so many people think it is - but it is a great tool to help you along the way. I have about 30kg to lose, but if I keep thinking of that amount, I know it will make me depressed, so I'm looking at small blocks of loss. I'm hoping to get to double digits soon - that will be my first mini goal achieved. I also have a pair of work pants that are slowly starting to fit me again. I haven't been able to wear them for nearly 4 years, so that will be my next mini goal! 


In my rather hopeless attempts at mediation, I've been told to let the distracting thoughts come in, acknowledge them and then let them go so that my brain can have some rest time too! best of luck,

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don't beat yourself over the head about this, I waited five years for my op date to come up and I lost and regain 20 kilo and more by the time my surgery date was made,. I have a doctor who when told Id regained the weight said "SO what! you are now starting new and you will lose the weight" he was so positive, since being banded I've lost 7 kilo and prior to surgery I lost 12 over 5 weeks, 4 were on optifast.  You can do it, it may take time, the weight loss may be slow but you have to look to the band as your friend.  Once the operation is done who will feel different, the first few days you don't feel hungry and to be sure the weight will come off, and once you see the scales moving in a downward direction it does give you a boost. Good luck I'm sure you will be fine

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Honey, listen to what the others and I have said.


The band will be a new phase in your life - you can wipe the slate clean and forget about all the past.


Don't chicken out, like I know you are thinking about. You are young enough for your skin to bounce back if you give it time. Remember what I said about my mum - and she was bigger than you - and bigger than me, AND 30 years older.


Don't keep obsessing on your past - focus on your healthy future.

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Hey there,

No need to worry. I was only a few kilograms lighter than you when I was banded, and I've lost 23kgs, and because I've lost slowly (500-700g per weeks), my surgeon is confident I won't have any skin issues. Keep up with weight bearing exercise to keep you toned and you'll be surprised, it's never as bad as you think.

There's so many wonderful products on the market to help people like us - namely Spanx! Even if your skin is a little loose, Spanx will help keep things tight under all the new glamorous clothes we'll wear!



And I've never given up my sweet things or naughty foods, I just literally can't eat them in the quantities I used to. Believing in yourself is the hardest part of the band - trusting the band to show you the way. It does. After a few fills you'll be shouting from the roof tops. After the first 5 kilograms fall off, you'll never look back. I promise!  :)

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Thanks guys :) I think I am just really scared about my upcoming surgery and all the negatives seem to be in my mind. I hope that everything goes well and these feelings dissipate.


Thanks for all the comments, it is actually helping me feel a lot better.

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You may have no sag issues at all! Especially if you lose a bit slower than your targets. Dont be too hard on yourself if you dont meet them.

I was whingeing about not losing enough since banding, then someone sent me a 2 year old photo of myself ! Now Im not whingeing...

So accept that you're in this for the long haul.

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