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"Bad Taste" New Years Eve Party



blog-0194237001357080613.jpg6-7 weeks post op

Highest Weight: 108kg

Current Weight: 92kg

Total Loss: 16kg

Highest BMI: 44.5

Current BMI: 37

Clothing Size: 16-18 and getting loose!

Happy New Year everybody!! Well I just had the best New Year I've ever had. (Except the one when I met my fiance and lost my virginity...sssh!).

We spent two nights down in Victor Harbour with friends who were visiting from Darwin and Perth. They have a pool, hot tub, sauna and tennis court at their place, so lets just say a fun time was had by all. There was cheese platters BBQs and LOTS of alcohol.

Since I was fairly "good" over Christmas, I decided to let myself go for NYE, being good during the day (I had a pumpkin and feta salad for lunch), I indulged in the cheese and crackers, creamy pina coladas and a couple of handfuls of jelly shots! We left our son with his grandparents for the night so we could relax and have our first real night off as parents.

We all dressed up in a "Bad Taste" theme, scouring the op shops for some terrible outfits. Had a lot of fun taking the piss and snapping funny photos. At some point during the evening we all ended up in the pool, I was so proud to wear my bathers this year, I'm a long way from a bikini body, but I didnt feel too self-conscious (may have been the alchohol) and my board shorts are way too big, they almost came off in the pool. We managed to squeeze 7 of us (two girls and 5 guys) into the small hot tub....and there were lots of roaming hands, which made for a laugh (nothing dirty). At some point during the evening, people were taking photos of the tower of jelly shots i had balanced between my boobs.

So anyway, I really enjoyed myself. Probably a little too much.

I'm avoiding the scales for a week, but I was 92kg yesterday morning, so I'm sticking with that for now. I had another pumpkin and feta salad for dinner last night, and baked beans this morning. Back on the bandwagon immediately and hopefully I can get off whatever I put on NYE in the next week before I weigh again. My next two mini goals:

  • Crack the 80's in 3 weeks.
  • Lose 4kg by the end of Jan so I can tick off 20kg lost. :)

I am getting a fill to help me achieve this next Tuesday (as I realised exactly how much i CAN eat if I choose to). I think another ml or 2 could help. I'm going to get back to my morning walks, and try my hardest to be active during the day. I'd like to buy the dumbbells ive been wanting for weeks and start toning exercises for my arms. And Zumba start up again next week, which I'm really looking forward to.

I also have to make appointments with employment agencies and hope that they can help me get a job ASAP. We have a wedding to plan this year and want to get our deposit together and start building our house.

Busy year ahead. Goodluck everybody! xx

Photo: Me and my fiance dressed up in our bad taste outfits.


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haha yeah it wasn't actually that bad, I didnt want to look too ugly! I know animal print is in again, but I've never really been a fan. Especially not with the collar and shoulder pads haha.

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ha ha...too funny... this was a good laugh ( (Except the one when I met my fiance and lost my virginity...sssh!).)


Keep up the good work!

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