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2nd Fill - 8 weeks on



8 weeks banded

Highest Weight: 108kg

Current Weight: 90.5kg

Current Fill: 6ml in 10ml band

Total Loss: 18.3kg

Highest BMI: 44.5

Current BMI: 36

Clothing Size: 16-18 and getting loose!


So I had my second fill today. Dr Sabine was very happy with my progress, having lost 10kg since my surgery day (in 7.5 weeks) and 18kg altogether. Since I have done well and didnt really feel like i needed one, he only put in 1ml. I've only sipped on water and up'n'go so far, but so far, so good. I'm really hoping that this will be my "sweet spot" since I felt great and not hungry before, but felt I was able to eat a little too quickly. I don't WANT a stuck or PB moment, but I feel like if it happens, it might help make me remember to slow down, and also to not let my portions size increase any, i think they have slowly been creeping up, even if it is just salad.

I couldn't be happier with my progress at the moment and I finally feel like I have found a tool to help me lose and KEEP OFF the weight. I think I've found what "works" for me, at least for now. I spoke to Dr Sabine about the rules and whether or not I should always have breakfast or only eat when I'm hungry, and he basically said he could tell me about lots of things that work for other people but at the end of the day, I have to find out what works for ME. And what's working for me is not having carbs (bread, pasta, rice, usually potato) after lunchtime. I also have the odd treat here and there, mostly leftover Christmas chocolate, and I'm still losing, so I'm happy. I know at some point I will plateau, but right now I have high hopes of reaching my goal weight before the end of the year. Or certainly before my wedding next year.

I just really REALLY need to get a job so I can help pay for our wedding, and hopefully be able to put some away to have the arm skin removed later this year. But we'll see I guess. One step at a time!

For now I'll just be happy to get to 88kg by the end of the month. That will get me to my mini goal of 20KG LOST! I'm going to reward myself by getting my hair done.


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