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Stuck on Plateau/Clothes



Hello people.

I'm stuck on 90kg. Plateaued. BUT, I'm pretty sure I know why.

- havent been on my daily walks

- have been skipping meals or not eating the right thing. And by that I mean for dinner last night instead of my usual salad and chicken tenderloin I had two small sausages.

Today I have only had a coffee and two sushi handrolls. And not two in one sitting, I had one for lunch and having one now lol. So when my hubby gets home Wednesday, I'm going back to walking in the morning, (i know i always say that), and going back to more salad. Im not eating junk, just have stopped eating the salads/vegies i was before.

BUT, even thought the scales arent moving I had to do something to lift my spirits, so I went to BIG W and had a look through their pathetically small clothing range. I grabbed a pair of the $9 Emerson jeans i always wear, in a size 14....yes, not the 16 that I'm currently wearing. I then went to the bras and found a pretty one in a 16C (not the 18/20C I was the last time I bought a bra).


I didnt buy them, I had no money lol, but I just wanted to see for next time. So I've gone from the size 18 Emerson jeans to the 14 (even if my fat does look worse spilled over the side), and gone down in bra size as well. I'm thankful for that. Next time I buy bras I will be happy to look for the 16. Its great to see a loss on the scale but nothing compares to being able to go to the shops and find something that fits (that you WANT to wear) in a smaller size.

I still can't wait for the day when I can buy a size 12 top. My top has always been bigger than my bottom so my goal is to be wearing size 12 tops. Until then, I can smile a bit more today. :)


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i need to start walking too - i have only just started feeling better after my surgery tho - like ive been in pain a lot over the past 2 weeks and been super careful of my "battle scars", but thankfully they are almost healed!
hopefully we both keep losing *crosses fingers*

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Its is strange, and funny enough but not counting my calories constantly and watching the scales like a hawk, I've been rewarded with a 1kg drop. down to 89. Just want to lose ONE MORE kilo by the end of Jan. Fingers crossed.

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