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Lifestyle Changes



blog-0229413001359679792.jpgSo I'm just sitting here with a hot cuppa. I've just taken my toddler to swimming lessons and he is now conked out in bed.

Last night I went to Zumba, and the last 3 mornings I have been working out with some weights and doing my best on the exercise bike I had been neglecting. My muscles are sore. My hair is wet. But I feel amazing.

I'm sitting here thinking about the changes I have made in my life over the last 3/4 months. I finally got serious about my weightloss and lifestyle changes at the beginning of October when I got back from a family holiday in Brisbane. It was fun going to White Water World at 108kg, but let's face it, it would have been MUCH more fun for me if I was 60kg...or even the 88kg I am currently. Since I returned, I knew that my surgery was approaching and I had to make some changes. So here are the ways in which I have changed, that I can think of..............


- obviously my portions are much smaller than i used to eat. and i don't snack between meals anymore.

- I dont eat carbs (usually) after 1pm. Pasta and rice, once staples of my diet, are now rare treats.

- I cut any fat off meat before eating it. I no longer eat the skin off a roast chicken.

- I stick to fish, chicken tenderloins, turkey and kangaroo. Occasional steak (half the portion obviously). I have completely gone off sausages, pork chops and other meats that look and taste fatty.

- We don't have takeaway. Like ever. The only "takeaway" that I still crave on occasion is pizza, and I make it myself with fresh vegies, we never buy it.

- I actually ENJOY coming up with new salad combinations and experimenting with vegetable recipes.

- I use Natvia/stevia in my tea/coffee only. Skim milk only.

- Always try to buy the "lite" or 99% fat free version. Or try to swap, e.g. evaporated milk instead of cream.

- I don't drink juice (very often) or soft drink anymore.

- We don't have dessert after dinner (unless we have friends over for tea. We dont buy icecream, pudding, anything. Dessert for me now is a cuppa and a sugarfree biccie. Or a Zuper Dooper on a really hot night.

- I can say NO. I can say no when offered soft drink at my inlaws. No to cream on my dessert when we were entertaining last week. NO to free tastings at the shops. NO to tasting a cake pop my SIL made (her first try).

- I've stopped baking. I love making cakes, slices, desserts...but they were just too much temptation and I had nobody to give them to, so it was just easier to stop.


- I no longer circle the carpark looking for one closest to the door. I am happy to walk a bit further.

- I was walking once, sometimes twice daily (I'm currently giving my exercise bike some love every day instead).

- I began doing Zumba once a week and i LOVE it. Would really like to do it twice a week if I can find a babysitter for Monday nights.

- I just bought a dumbbell set and every morning/midday I am doing exercises to help tone my arms and build muscle.

- I weigh myself. I have avoided the scales for SO long because I was afraid of the number. Now I am excited to see how much I weigh, or how much I have lost anyway. I see now how important it is to weigh yourself, look in the mirror, take pictures of yourself to monitor your weight. when you avoid these things, you never realise how big you have actually become and it gets out of control!

- I've put my toddler back in swimming lessons (weather was warmer for him) its good exercise for me too!

- My sex life has improved. Not that it wasnt great before (I am still 22 after all) but I am feeling much more confident and healthy? I guess. Not sure how else to describe that.

- My fiance has started eating healthier and going to the gym at work. He is slimming down a bit too and trying to (keep up) I am so proud of him, not for keeping up but for realising that he too could use the exercise to stay healthy.

- I'm looking forward to buying new clothes. In particular, DRESSES. I am getting really excited to go and try on wedding dresses. I dont think my legs are THAT bad anymore and I would like to start wearing shorts and dresses.

- I actually want to take more care of my appearance, in ways I havent tried before. They include having a professional body massage, get a bikini wax, have my eyebrows shaped, and getting a spray tan. 3 out of 4 require some clothing removal.

- I'm no longer so shy in the changeroom at the pool. I cant be bothered hiding beneath my towel, struggling to get changed so nobody can see. Today I just walked in, whipped off my clothes, quickly dried and dressed, turned around so I couldnt see if anybody was looking. And it only took me 10mins instead of my usual 30!

I'm sure there are other things that I cant think of right now.


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bloody amazing....thanks for sharing! you should be SO proud ...great attitude,,,cant wait to see you in your wedding dress.  Happy shopping!

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