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Hey Kids!

First of all I'll start off by saying, I have been M.I.A (missing in action) for a while now and it's not because I don't love writiing in my blog, it's just that I felt I was far too grumpy and sad sacky to be doing anyone any good and I am much happier now and back to my normal bubbly self. SO, let me fill you in on life. I've gone from sadsacksville to omgmylifeiscrazy town in a few short months.

My life at the moment is INSANE. Normally I am this 24 year old nanna who hates her little routine to be put out in the slightest. Well, shit son! It is like a bomb has gone off in my life and destroyed Nanna Cub and replaced me with Energizer Bunny Cub :D I have started tafe, I've had one class and I love it! I'm the baby of the class, also love it, I have awesome, nice people in my class and I think I am going to do really well at Occ Health & Safety and I am so excited for the future I will have in that industry and just quietly I'm looking forward to being paid decent money instead of a pittance for raising other people's children!!

So, along with that and holding down two jobs, catching up with friends and doing fun things with my nephew, life has been insane. I also met another guy, he was sort of in the pipeline at the same time as the other guy I was hoping to be set up with. So I chose the other one who I'll refer to as R (other guy was J) So R, is one of my work mates brothers. Her and I are friends and I asked her if she knew anyone single and R asked her if she had any single friends so baddabing baddaboom here we are. So on Friday night he finally got back into town, he also works away. I was so nervous before I met him but as soon as I saw him and was in his presence it all went away. I was very calm and it was kind of like, I'd known him for longer than I had. It wasn't awkward at all. So I'm quite keen to pursue him haha so we'll have to wait and see what happens there. My sister is keen to marry us off already haha but that's getting abit ahead of ourselves, I tell her! We went four wheel driving and it was so, so awesome. I normally love four wheel driving but it's something he does competitively so it was even more awesome. So yeah. He also said I was a decent "broad" hahahaha I pissed myself laughing at that. God I love manly men, none of these metrosexual freaks. Anyhoo... I'll keep you posted. If he doesn't like me now, he'll kick himself in a few months when I'm thin and fabuloso! Haha

Soooooooo... I'm getting my lap banding done SEVERAL months early. I was doing my homework when the phone rang and I was so shocked that it was my surgeons office. I thought they were ringing to growl at me for not doing any of my pre-admission stuff yet haha but she said to me they'd had a cancellation and that I could have surgery on the 30th of March. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say, so she gave me half an hour to ring back. I rang my mum she said " BOOK IT" haha so I rang back and booked it. I also booked all my other appointments and bobs your uncle and fanny is your aunt, I'm going to be banded!!!!

It is the MOST AMAZING birthday present I could have ever imagined, seriously, I cannot believe it. I am so overwhelmed with joy. It was kind of a double edged sword however because she told me the reason for the cancellations was because that the hospital has decided that they cannot operate on anyone over 180kgs. So I felt very sad for whoever had been relying on this miracle only for it to be taken away from them. I said to the lady that it must be devestating for her to have to tell these people this news and she said it was the hardest part of her job. I feel for those people. I really do. I know how devestating it was for me to have to wait nearly 9 months for my surgery. I cried after I got off the phone to her. And as I write this my eyes are filling with tears because I have wanted to be skinny for the majority of my life and it's so close to happening for me. My life will be different forever and I will finally be all of the person I want to be but at half the person I used to be. I can't wait. Happy, healthy, skinny.

Now that the shock is wearing off, I'm kind of shitting myself hahaha oh goodness me! Last week I bought a Magic Bullet blender so that worked in as perfect timing. You know how sometimes, things are just meant to be? Well this is one of those times. I can't believe it. I can't wait for the new me.

Anyways, thank you all so much for your support, your kind words and encouragement. If I hadn't found this site, I wouldn't be where I am now. Hopefully at some point in time, I can actually meet some of you lovely ladies at a Perth meet and greet :)

OH! And I'll be doing the whole look at moi before and after photos, so watch out for those. I'm going to start Optifast tomorrow so I will probably take photos tonight. YIKES! Haha

Love & Optifast,

Cub :D

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