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Day 1 to new me!



Hey All

My name is Katie G, I'm 26, married no children, live in Quinns Rocks WA and am very overweight.

I currently weigh a massive 145kg!! :o

I have always been on the larger starting from when I was 13. I have been the same height, 5’9, since I was 12 therefore always been large not only height but also weight. I was also very active back then swimming, ice skating and surf lifesaving. I know why and when I starting putting on weight, it was about when I was 16, I stopped swimming and ice skating and continued to eat like someone who was doing 3h exercise a day. In the last 4 years, however, I have put on the most weight, over 45kg. I think mainly this was due to a job change where I am now at a desk in front of a computer as well as on the phone all day. Very little movement for 8 hours where before this job I was up and down 3 flights of stairs at least 20 times as well as on my feet moving around. It could also be to do with getting married as apparently everyone puts on some weight but I think mainly the job is at fault.

At the moment I cannot exercise. The pain I feel in my feet, ankles and knees as well as sometimes in my back is shocking. The sweating also stops me from pushing too far, I can walk up stairs and around the shops but not without sweating, I really don’t enjoy thinking that people around me not only see a ‘fat chick’ but a ‘stinky fat chick’.

The decision to have Lap Band has been tough for me as I have always thought of it as cheating. However now that I have read into it and spoke to my GP, Surgeon and the Dietician I know that it is actually a lot of hard work. I have always been determined to lose the weight on my own and I have tried what feels like a million things. (Light and Easy, Duramine, Optifast, Body Trim, Gym membership with personal trainer, personalized meal plan … should I go on??). This surgery is my last resort, my blood pressure is 150/120 on a good day even higher on a bad day, stroke or heart attack at 25 is not something I ever thought I would have to worry about.

I’m relieved to say my family, husband and work colleagues have all been really supportive. Even my boss said he was starting to worry that he might lose me if I didn’t take this step (my workplace is a 2nd family, it’s a great environment to work with great people and I think of the boys as my brothers).

With a great support team at home, support from this website and my own determination I’m going to become half myself, the half I have always meant to be and hopefully become happy, fit and a mother in the near future.

PS. Started Optifast pre-op today and gosh I’m struggling to keep it down, onto my second shake of the day and the taste is not great. I assume (and am trying to believe with all my will power) that after 2 weeks I will think that it is the best stuff ever, especially if I see some weight starting to fall off. *Fingers Crossed*


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Good luck and best wishes for a great future ahead of you! I am meeting with a surgeon for the first time on Thursday. We'll see how that goes. Like you I had thought of the lap band as cheating, that I would be weak to have to consider it. However, in reading up on it and visiting forums such as this, I can see that it is a tool to I help me do what I know I should be doing but can't - namely eat less and eat better.

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Congratulations on making this life changing decision! Now that you've decided to take this step (a completely fair, reasonable and valid step - not cheating!), can I give you some advice?


Seriously, think the most positive thoughts from now on as much and as often as you can. Don't ever question your decision especially when you may feel a little low during your recovery, just keep thinking positive. Picture the life you will soon lead at the healthy weight you are aiming for, visualise yourself out shopping with not a bead of sweat on you and people looking at you because they might like something your wearing or think they might know you!

The mind is such a powerful tool just like the band is and you want both working with you (not just the band!) and not against you.

You are a beautiful young lady and deserve to live a long and happy life :) so get ready to live it to the fullest!

Most of all, keep smiling!

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After 2 weeks pre op and then post op diet you will find the blandest food in the world is exciting lol


welcome aboard and good luck with your journey!


Try the Optifast bars - they got me through the pre-op diet!

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Congratulations on your start to a new you.


I found the shakes hard to take also, but I managed & life does get better.

I look forward to hearing about your progress.


Audrey x

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congratulations on taking the step im right there along side of you im on the second day of my optifast shakes and i can tell you im not liking them one little bit :(

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