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Hmm.. shakes!

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Today I start on my optifast diet.

Am very proud of myself not to have indulged in the "last meal of the condemned woman" and had a quiet night at home instead. I had gyoza for dinner and a beer, to say goodbye. Time now to lighten up the old liver a bit.

I weigh 107 kg, which for me is very heavy. I am a road cyclist (and occasionally indulge in mountain biking) and have to work bloody hard to squeeze myself into cycling gear and then haul my extra 37kg up hills, on a flimsy frame with skinny wheels.

My social existence is really busy and active. I have a dear group of friends who are incredibly sporting. I do everything they do, but man it's hard when you weigh much more than them, especially hiking up the mountains.

And the bloody chafe! Combine tropical weather, lycra and touching thighs and you have a nightmare.

Anyway, off to make a shake. Funny that I am so focused on myself when there's badness down south with the floods. I think of it like this - I have spent so much of my life looking after people who are challenged in some way.. and yet I have done poorly by my own self. Nobody really likes a martyr and perhaps I have just been using the emotional challenges of work as an excuse! If I work hard on myself I will be so much more use to others.

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