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Almost Halfway There! - 3 months post op



3 months post op

Highest Weight: 108kg

Current Weight: 86kg

Total Loss: 22kg

Highest BMI: 44.5

Current BMI: 35

Clothing Size: 14-16 (but still wearing old 18 clothes, weightloss isnt cheap!)

I'm nearly halfway there! Just 2 more kg and I will be at 50% lost. This is my first blog entry as a "Yummy Mummy" instead of the not so yummy mummy I was before. I feel like I am well on my way to feeling like a new, attractive and fitter woman, and I feel like I'm earning that title, whether other people think I'm yummy or not. My hubby does so thats the main thing. :)

I've just done 7.5km on the exercise bike after a few days of slacking off. I've got Zumba tonight so I'm nice and energised for that now. I dont have a lot to say other than I am very happy with my progress so far and even though I often lose motivation when my hubby is home or I plateau, I get right back on the horse and get on with it. Everyday is a new day to try and do better than I did the day before. :)

My mum is flying over to visit for 3 weeks next month and I'm excited to go and try on wedding dresses. I would have loved to get down to 80kg before doing that, but I think thats a bit out of reach. I wanted to lose 6kg before Easter, I've dropped 2 of those, so just 4 more kg to go :)

Bring it on!!


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Congratulations!! That's a massive acheivement. 22kgs in three months is amazing! When is your wedding? To be honest, with the amount you've been losing, I don't think 6kgs is too big of a stretch. But I'm glad you're so happy with your weightloss. Hopefully I can be just as successful with mine :']

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well done, you have done so well, I think you are way more disciplined than I am, I'm having days where I eat too much then a good day, I'm surprised I have not gained weight. Sure you will look awesome by the time you get married

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