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I'm not perfect




I love all of the responses to my blog posts, I feel great knowing that there are people out there who think of me as a role model or something to aspire to. But I want to make sure people know that by no means am I the poster girl for lap banding. I'm not perfect either, and I'm not always disciplined. At the moment I have plateaued again and I lost the last 2 kilo by doing Optifast for a week.

The other day I took my son to the play cafe and I had a huge piece of caramel cheesecake.

Earlier this week I was up at 3am getting him a bottle, and while I waited for his bottle to warm up, I ate half a chicken sausage in the fridge. I wasnt even hungry, it was just there.

Yesterday I ate two pieces of banana bread with passionfruit cream cheese.

When my hubby gets home I usually lose the motivation to do exercise for about 4-5 days.

I don't want people to feel discouraged by my posts or like they are doing something wrong.

We all slip up from time to time :) The important part is to just put those slip ups behind you and keep going.

You can do it! :)



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Even normal people eat stuff that isnt healthy lol.  I feel the point for banding/sleeving for me is to be more normal, that sometimes food is "sometimes" and i do have take out with my family, and exercise some days is just bleh!  (Like today where my knees are skinned and my ankle is crap)  But it is great to understand that we are human.  You are doing so well leeanne, just remember it took you years to get the way you were most times, it may take a little to come off.


I am not perfect at all, so far from it.  But over the last year I have learnt that plataeus suck but they eventually break, usually I like to think of them as my body coping with the losses before it starts to drop again.

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Thats exactly how I feel about it. Normal people (those at a healthy weight) still eat crap food, so its unrealistic to think i will never touch it. its something that makes life more enjoyable. they just know when to stop i think lol.

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