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Ok so the other day I had a few errands to run, it was valentines day and we had planned to go out for dinner and not do anything else for each other, hubby and I. Anyways I got lost on the way to an appointment, (stupid free ways in perth). Although my appointment went fantastic, I was running late and thought I would run back to my car with my son in his pram......not a clever Idea. Anyways I almost to the car when I hit a dip in the gravel and went down hard.

Bleeding and feeling very sorry for myself I got to my daughter in time to pick her up from school, but I spent the whole night on the couch with an ice pack and savlon. What a lovely valentines day :angry: But my husband was lovely and attentive, and I ended up calling dinner off and commisserating at home with american idol. Im feeling alot better, but my ankle and knee is still sore. Friday came and I had planned so many things for that day, playtime with my son, then he needed to swim for a little over an hour doing hydrotherapy with his physio, which meant that I needed to be in the water *sigh* And I had planned a parent teacher interview with Baileys teacher to meet and greet and see how shes doing. In amongst the normal things I do in the day as a mum and house slave lol.

BUT even though it was painful and I was so close to cancelling, I picked my booty up off the couch and I did it. Over a year ago something like this would have given me an excuse to lay around in a messy house for weeks. I would have turned to food to make me feel better, but not anymore!!! I think more then anything I have learnt that I have definately changed, and its without really noticing till now. So to take that crappy day and turn it slightly positive has been really good for me.

On a good note I am down to 94.8kgs and feel good.


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Awww I cant help by smile :) This is why I used to go walking with the pram and complain that i couldnt try jogging. im just scared of going ass up.


Hope it heals well, and yes, your legs look great! :) I spent Valentine's day morning having a date with my toddler at the play cafe. that was it. and my hubby (he works away) had hidden me a card in the house.

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