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I can do this!!

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Today is day 2 of Optifast and I've decided I can do it! Yesterday was VERY touch and go!! Haha I could have so easily just given in and said "stuff it" and gone and brought something bad for me for lunch and eaten what the fam had for dinner but I didn't. I tried to make a vanilla shake with berries. It didn't go down well. Oh lord, the vanilla shakes are just HORRENDOUS!!

I set my alarm for 5:30am to go walking but woke up with a starving tummy and decided walking probably wasn't a good idea so I didn't go. I ended up sleeping til after 7 and was so weak, I was meant to get my blood tests done today but I just couldn't. I had to have a drink of sprite zero to have something in my tummy. So when I'm more used to the Opti I'll go have it done.

So after dropping my mum at work I headed to my nearest chemist and got me some chocolate and berry opti bars. Thank goodness for this invention. I think they might just keep me kicking!! The chocolate bar I'm eating right now is pretty dense and quite sweet but 1000 times better than having another vanilla shake. UGH!

So I did a naughty thing and got on the scales this morning, just to see if it was working and it is. 1kg gone. Booyeah! I did drink heaps of water yesterday, I normally do when I am at work though but when I'm at home it will have to be a conscious effort, but I can do it!!

So what I'm thankful for today, is that I'm getting a lap band and that in two weeks time, Optifast will never pass my lips again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Sprite Zero (best invention ever)


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HI Cub

great to see you back.. I'm on my 2nd week of OPtifast. And I did exactly what you did after going 1 day with just the shakes I toddled off to Chem Warehouse and got myself some of the choc berry bars.

So i still have a choc shake in morning with berries and then lunch is homemade veg soup and a flat white coffee with 1/2 a bar and then dinner is 80gm chicken with stirfried veg and before bed 1/2 bar and cup of tea....and....you know what...I lost over 4kgs in a week. :lol:

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The vanilla shakes are quite awful. Try and add some flavouring to them like vanilla essence; peppermint etc

I really only drank the iced coffe and strawberry and had the chocolate bars as I couldn't stand the chocolate shakes or berry bars. The water has to be iced cold.

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Course you can do it Cub!! I'm listening up as I start Opti in 4 weeks and I am really not good with shakes. the only ones I've been able to stomach in the past are the Kate Morgan ones. And I cant stand vanilla in those either. Not that it mattered I didn't lose any weight anyway (but that might have been the operator rather than the tools!)

It sounds as though Chemist Warehouse is good place to go price wise. My daughter has been looking on ebay for me but dont know if there is a difference in price anywhere. Does anyone have an opinion on best price?

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