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Over 50% lost, a bit excited



Well im just writing this on my phone in bed so i'll make it short and sweet.

- im past the 50% mark :)

- my wedding plans are well underway, even have my dress picked and ordered.

- ive lost 10kg since the doc saw me last so he was very pleased at my appointment.

- after about a month hovering near 85kg, im down to 82kg.

- i'm attributing that so being very unwell with infected wisdom teeth mixed with tonsilitis. When you live of liquids, antibiotics and painkilkers, i guess you're bound to lose weight.

- i met my goal of losing the 6kg i wanted gone before Easter :)

- if I can get those 2kg off I will be on the home stretch with 20kg to go (i wanted to lose 48kg in total).

- 4 more and I'll have lost 30kg!!


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Congratulations on doing so well and staying on task even when feeling pretty down with sickness. I can only hope when I have my down moments I can do as well as you have:)

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I would love to take credit for the weightloss (down to 80kg now) but in reality i have only been eating yoghurt, le rice snacks, coffees and cake when i go out. No excercise.

Feel like im cheating cuz im not doing anything right, its just falling off. Im not complaining though cuz i have a wedding dress to fit into lol.

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