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Huston we have a blockage....



Well here's to a first... blegh! this is what i get for rushing through lunch however in my defense my boss was riding my ass to hurry up... GRRR well I spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom regurgitating my lunch which I must admit was probably not edible worthy I am day 6 semi solids which has been great so far.

I bought some cheap chinese rice and chicken didn't have time to go get a decent lunch well boy did I pay for it.. the rice was dry and over cooked so was the chicken stringy and hard recipe for a block really! wasn't chewing properly and eating far too fast... LESSON LEARNT!

felt like a foot rammed down my throat... really uncomfortable kind of awkward feeling just relief to have it OUT! now back to mushies for 24 hrs...

One of my work mates thought I was pregnant.. she's like if you and bub aren't feeling well you can go home... bless her heart LOL!


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