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I've gotten to that enevitable point...




I've lost 30kg, and that is fantastic, but I still have 10-18kg that I want to loose to get to a healthy weight.

Whilst I have been doing exercise and changed my eating habits dramatically to lose this weight, I don't think that I have probably put 100% in, and still managed to lose.

I think I've now reached the point where I will have to really work my butt off exercising to shift the rest of the weight, and the notion of that is pretty daunting. As a stay at home mum, I can do workouts when my son goes for his nap, but it can be hard for me to remain "active" throughout the whole day. There's only so much washing and cleaning and playing you can do before you just sit down and watch Peppa Pig on TV. And if you do managed to get in one whole "active" day....you have nothing to do for the rest of the week. Especially with the weather being quite cold and often wet.

I've been doing LCHF for weeks and weeks now and only lost 2kg in the first week.

I think I have to start counting calories....yuck.


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Yep i understand where you are coming from, i only have 9 kgs to get into my healthy weight range and my weightloss has slowed a lot and it now fluctuates a lot more too, which means i tend to go to food to cope and because its cold i eat more as well!! Looks like we might have to really dig deep now and to except that the weight is going to be harder to move now!!


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I totally understand - it's hard work and time consuming counting calories but for me the last 40kg where i've had to work incredibly hard for it have been the most rewarding losses. Hang in there. If you can manage a 20-30min DVD once a day that's a start and you don't have to go out in the cold. I have heaps of them and I tell you what some of them are hard! 

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I'm right there with ya! Except I've been here for nearly 18 months. Don't do it!! If you can, find whatever it is that works for you and keep on going. It's not fun to come out the other side 18 months later and still be plateaued (and even creeping up). Use your time wisely and enjoy your continued weight loss!


Best of luck!

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I've got about 6 kilos to my first goal, and then I'm going to reassess my goals when I get to that goal.

I was beginning to realise that now I'm closer to a 'normal' sized person, it's gunna get harder to shift the last kilos.

I have just been trying to be as active as possible and eating healthier where possible, but not beating myself up when I'm not.

I've been losing around a kilo a month, and I'm happy with the slow loss for the next 6 kilos - I want to make permanent changes to my lifestyle and not just get to goal as quickly as possible.

When I can't be as active I just try to keep my diet as clean as possible, maybe concentrate on what you can do (your diet) and accept what exercise you can do?

Oh and I've never counted calories.. it makes me crazy and obsessive and I just can't bring myself to do it. I figure as a bandit, I can't eat nearly as many calories as I could before, so as long as I minimise my snacking, I should be okay!!

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I want to lose as much as I can before the end of July when I have to go for my first wedding dress fitting. if i can get as small as possible between now and then, i dont care how slow my weightloss is after that, i'll just be happy to maintain.

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I hear ya, you are probably at that stage the doctor told me where it hits the hard bit that its up to you only, My doctor told me it would not get that until about 45 kilo MMMM I'm at 15 or so since banding day, 30 in total and it feels like I've hit it already :-)

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