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1 week down 1 week to go!

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Well, it's one week down today since I started Optifast. I've lost 4 kgs and quite a few cms all over. I'm pretty happy with this effort, mind you I believe I could have done sooo much better if I had have exercised more. I only went for 1 walk during this week, only because I've been so tired. I wake up in the morning and I just can't get out of bed, so I go back to sleep.

Not to worry, this week I am going to make more of an effort to hopefully lose abit more. I would be happy with another 4 but that might be being abit optimistic. Seeing as it's my birthday tomorrow and as a treat I'm going to have an ice cream cake with my family and then on Friday I'm going to go to dinner with my friends. One last shot of Gnocchi just incase I can never eat it again!! Yum!!!! I probably won't get to enjoy much of it, but I was thinking I might bring it home and freeze it and then blend it up when I'm into the Mushies!!! We'll see!

So life has been even more hectic, I have no just secured a 3rd job. I'll be looking after a little boy 3 days a week, then my job at the day care centre plus my job at video ezy AND tafe. So I'm going to be a busy girl, I hope I can fit it all in and still have a life. I've pretty much kissed the idea of getting a boyfriend goodbye. With all my committments I don't think I'll have time for one! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I'm turning 25 tomorrow and I'm quite sad about it. 2 years until my school 10 year reunion. 5 years until I'm 30! ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Scary!! Haha!!

So now that my surgery is a week away, I'm starting to get nervous. It's happening. I need to embrace the new life that I will have.

:) Anyway thats enough from me now,


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