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So the plans for a secretive lap band came crashing down today. I was invited to a dinner party (I am a regular on the circuit) and couldn't really come up with anything impromptu and said (well, I was put on a spot) "I've given up eating - well not really.. I'm on these shake things... Well.. OK I'm having a lap band but try not to tell anyone".

All class, really.

Do I tell my friends that I'm busy and not available? But I love their company and I'm not going to sit at home drinking my shakes in a corner. And as it turned out, they were cooking steamed greens to go with the main.. I told the other guests I was exploring vegetarianism and all went well.

I think the secret thing is a bit of a pride issue for me. Particularly with my family, I became sick of "kind advice" and questions like "how's your diet going?". It pips me that, despite some extraordinary achievements in my life, there are still people who judge me for my size. And that is largely family members.

We'll just keep it to the inner circle of friends for now.

I've told my trainer. He's all for it. Says he'll get me running 10k in no time. Ha! I HATE running!!!!

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:) I don't want anyone to know about mine either except for extremely close friends and family but I'm at a loss as to how to achieve it! When my friends and I catch up it usually means dinner or coffee and cake! Hmmm!!! I get sick of being asked hows the diet too. UGH! I haven't been banded yet. I'm at the " I might go to my GP stage".

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Hey ladies,

my mum had the same issue and me to we both got banded and honestly I TOLD EVERY1 ppl on the street everywhere and any1 who would listen and wanted to know even the ppl who didn't want to know i also didn't do the shakes instead i went on a strict low carb diet!!! and it was all approved by my doctor.

But my mother she wouldn't tell any1 and she kept it all to herself and only me and my brothers and father are aware that she has had the surgery. but she was naughty and didn't do the shakes but she still hasn't told any1 but while she is out she has vomiting bits while eating and has just told ppl that she is unwell and been treated for WAIT FOR IT IBS!!! i dont think she understands what IBS is but still she is happy with her choice....

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