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Leaving for the big smoke!

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I'm leaving for Perth today, my pre op is on Tuesday and my op on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to my surgery, not nervous, I'm EXTREMELY excited and counting down the day that I won't have to eat OPTIDISGUSTING!! anymore haha... It's been a real struggle getting it into me the last couple of days. I'm trying really hard but I'd literally rather not eat than eat Opti and I am skipping meals, so I'm very willing for time to speed up and for my op to be over and done with so I can eat normal food (and by normal I mean liquids ;) ) So hooray for no more opti.

Anyhoo just stopping by to keep up to date. As of today I've lost nearly 5 kgs on Opti, my birthday splurge turned out to be abit naughty and halted my weight loss. Annnnyway we won't dwell on the naughtiness! This morning I was thinking about losing weight and how I need to keep in the right head space, my mum saw me do this weird thing with my hands (I was sort of "woosaahhh-ing") haha and she now thinks I'm crazy.

I'm glad I'm in this head space now :) Bring it on!!

Peace, Love & Never having to eat optifast again,


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All the VERY best CUb, Im a couple of days behind you. I know what you mean about optifast, I have a whole box of vanilla sitting there if you change your mind ha!


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