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The Day i was BANDED =]



Hello all im one day post op =]

Feeling sorry for myself but i guess what more can you expect im going to go through my banding experiance =]

9/9/12 It was D'Day rocked up to The Alfred at 11am

Strait away seen the pharmacist roughly half a hour later was taken in to a interview room by the nurse

filled out all the paper work

got weighed!

then seen the surgeon =]

to my disbelief i have put on 5kg's since my inital appointment =[

there was discussions of canceling my op but god had other plans and they decided that it would still go ahead

got dressed in all that sexy gear haha!

and made my way to the op room where i was layed down and got to chatting with the anesthetists

and nurse they were soo lovely =]

then they had to put the dredded canula in my main vain in my wrist! and it BLOODY HURTS they missed 5 times before getting the head to come and do it lol my poor wrists are quite tender lol

then they said alright ash were going to give you something to relax everything went blurry told me to breath in and out and next thing i knw i was waking up in recovery =] at 3:30pm

Unfortunately i stopped breathing when they took the breathing tube out so i had to go spend last night in ICU just to have a closer eye kept on me but all was well

i just had my first 200,ml of tomato soup first liquid i have had in 2 days im full as a gog lol never thought i would be saying that hehe

Im home now in my cosy bed with my 3 year old next to me shes playing nurse and helping me with my back itchs lol

my tummy hurts but the pain killers have just kicked in so this little possum is off to the land of sleep =]

if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask =]

Me in ICU


Biggist Cut


Day 1 after op =]



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I was itchy like u hun but it was a combo of the drugs and what they use to disinfect ur tummy with they gave me fernergan to stop this as I was so itchy I clawed my stomachs without realising then freaked out that it was going to burst open lol I suggest if ur still itchy go to ur local dr and get something like an antihistamine to help being itchy is not fun. :) congrats I have a five yr old who plays a good nurse too lol my heart didn't stop but dropped badly how come they were going to cancel ur op? Xxx

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The itcys seems to have calmed down heaps thank goodness but if they pick up again i will deff be off to the docs to get something they are extremely annoying lol...

they were going to cancel because i put on 5kgs insted of losing weight from my intial appointment =[

so i can safely say if u dont stick to opti fast and your told to it can have severe consciences

Lucky for me the head of surgery came and spoke to me and i told him i had slipped up and my dad passed a week ago so i kinda let loose and he was extremely understanding about it

so i still got o go ahead  

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have the itches as well, my wrists and arms are like a druggies that damn canula and them trying to find a vein was damn annoying and painful i have bruises everywhere not to mention my stomach is bright pink not yellow pink.  glad your ok i found ICU fantastic

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