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Day 2 :p



Soo day 2 and im still sore as heck and am sooo grogy still =[

been on tremadol, endone and panadole guess thats not helping with the

grogyness issues

About to have a up and go for breakky

then probz have another snooze =] to try kick this pain off

have a cough and its horrid lol every time i cough it heaves my tummy and its owchies lol

also woke up with diorria excuse the TMI

Lol so theres my winge haha

but its all going to be worth it in the end =]


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I've had a slight cough from the breathing tube.. yup it hurts, keep getting the occasional hiccup OUCH !!!

hopefully you'll feel better soon.. I'm only on panadol :)

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I'm day 7 today and I'm only just starting to feel better, I really underestimated how much it would hurt, def keep up with regular panadol it's great for break through pain!! I've also got a cough, like Tish said hold a pillow firmly to your tummy, hope your feeling better soon:)

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Not too bad, haven't really been hungry, I have to force myself to get at least one shake in a day for the protein, then I've been having pumpkin soup for dinner, looking forward to mushies:)

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me too i cant even get comfortable sleeping i have a pillow behind my back and one on my tummy but still annoying me to get into a comfortable position on my side urghh i want this pain to just go 

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