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tomorrow is the big day

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hello friends,

tomorrow is surgery day. Went in for my preop today and all was good. I had to take my shirt and bra off :o/ shame!! I'm feeling pretty good, not too nervous. I went shopping today and it got me very excited to think of what i'll be wearing soon! Yay!

I'm hoping tomorrow flies by and i'm in and out before i know it! I'll be admitted at midday and not sure what time i'll be going in.

Well i'm doing this on my phone so making it quick. Looking forward to the future!!


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ooh la la wink.gif well it wont be long and you'll be feeling so good about yourself, you'll be taking your top and bra off for just about ANYONE who asks!!!! bahahahaha "here ya are peeps....get a load of this!!"

Well, its 12.41pm as i write this, so i imagine youre all settle in, in your lovely gown, waiting....waiting....waiting. Good luck and chat soon (u little queue jumper you ;)

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Yay for you. Good luck for tomorrow. You will be fine! Looking forward to reading your updates in a few days. Take care of yourself afterwards for a couple of weeks.

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Gday Cub

I hope all went well and your enjoying the rest.

See you back in the sticks sooner rather than later.

I now have a little insight to your life.

I think you are a honest, brave and beautiful young women. and i am glad to know you.

Best wishes

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